Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Main Image of Two Lane Blacktop Blog

If you haven't already noticed, every time you visit this page you will see the title and the main image.  The image is just what I imagined when I first thought of this blog. 

The name started as my mind was coming up with the movie name "Two Lane Blacktop."  Then I started to think more, and next thing you know I had the name for this blog:  Two Lane, but Desktop instead of Blacktop since most of the pictures that I take of these miniature cars are usually on some desktop surface.  The main image I saw was two 1:64 scale cars on a two-lane blacktop road: one going toward the image, the other away from the image.  Then I noticed my black bookshelf with the orange-colored wall as the backdrop (no, this had nothing to do with Clemson, I wanted the room color to match the metallic orange color that I've seen on a few vehicles).  All I needed was white lines (stripes of paper) and two vehicles, of course realistic.

Out of the many vehicles in my collection that I could've selected, I chose two Matchbox cars that are a personal favorite of mine's.  The red car on the left is the Alfa Romeo Giuletta Sprint GTA released in 2007 by Matchbox.  The one on the right is the newly-released BMW 1M Coupe by Matchbox.  Both are sharply-done vehicles with all-around details and narily a wacky, out-of-place graphic anywhere on these cars!  Both seem to have the same traits: two-box-shaped, four-seat 2-door coupe based on it's ordinary cousin, spiced up for track duty, only separated by 45 years.  However, the direct competitor for the Alfa in its time would be the BMW 2002.  I will have more to come about the Alfa and BMW later on.

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