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Friday, January 31, 2014

Greenlight 2013 Chrysler 300 SRT-8

Earlier this year I profiled the newly-released 2013 Chrysler 300C in brown from the Greenlight Motor World series.  The verdict was a nicely-done casting with classic American luxury combined with the classic American V8 power of the Hemi.  So far this casting has been popular, if not a hot seller so far.  Now can this other tool do the same?  The SRT-8 in Cherry Red Crystal Pearlcoat.

A wild child in tamer clothes

The 300 SRT-8 arrived in 2006 as the muscle car sleeping in an exterior outfit that looks just like the regular 300C.  The only modifications is a mesh grille, revised front bumper, a little more bolstering in the front seats, SRT-8 badges, and of course the larger Hemi motor under the hood along with firmer suspension tunings.  For 2013 the same still carries over to the new body style; as mentioned before the new 300 body style is smoother, cleaner, and more richer than the previous generation.  The biggest improvement is the interior with softer materials, blue-lit gauges, and plenty of features to keep up with the luxury car class even though nothing is a class-breakthrough!  The SRT-8 contains the new 6.4L, 392 CID V8 that debuted in the 2011 Challenger SRT-8, producing 470 hp. to the rear wheels through a 5-speed automatic.  It's fast, but also sedate!

Not much of a difference on a smaller scale

The result of the Greenlight SRT-8:  Nice, but not as much improved over the 300C, especially justifying the two-dollar higher price over the Motor World version.  The changes include the blacked-out grille, restyled lower intakes, lack of chrome trim, SRT-8 badges, larger blacked-out multi-spoke wheels, and the first release with a metal base.  Still features the same base design, body dimensions, and interior of the 300C.  If this was in the Motor World it would be worth while, but in the premium GL Muscle series, being the only one without an opening hood, doesn't seem worth it.  I would've loved to see an opening hood to see the exposed intake of the 392 (something you can't get with the smaller 5.7 Hemi).

Still no can beat the fact that Greenlight is not only the sole producer of the 2011-current 300 body style in 1:64, but also the first to do the 300 SRT-8 model!

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  1. thanks for these pictures i will buy the 300srt soon ¡