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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hot Wheels 1955 Chevy Bel-Air and Nomad

Hot Wheels has made plenty of Bel-Air's and Nomad's over years, too many countless variations and versions to posts!  The Nomad was one of the original Redline Hot Wheels, called Classic Nomad, and retooled in 1994 to continue it's duties in the Hot Wheels line.  The 1955 Bel-Air arrived in the Hot Wheels Classics line in 2006 to replace the '55 Chevy, introduced in 1983, that lacked an interior and had some awkward spots.  Out of these two models, it's these recolors that make them really stand out and deserve their own blog on this site!

The All-American, Original Chevy!

To answer the long-overdue response to Ford's Flathead V8 and the new Chrysler HEMI V8 engine's, Chevrolet devised a group of designers and engineer's to create a V8-powered mid-size Chevy to be affordable to anyone and offer a diverse array of models from two-door and four-door sedan's, two-door convertible, four-door wagon, and two-door Nomad wagon.  The V8 was identical spec-wise to the Cadillac V8's, but the Small Block 250 CID V8, ranging from 162-180 hp, would be unique on it's own and easy to maintain.  When the 1955 Chevy line arrived, it was harked for it's classic styling with Ferrari-style grille, smooth lines, beautiful two-tone colors, and of course the power of the new Small Block V8, all at an affordable price range!

The Bel-air was the upper-line models (along with the 2-door Nomad wagon) over the lower-end 150 and 210 models.  These models are prized by many and also are great for hot rodder's, just look at the Bel-Air and Nomad's shown here and the new Hot Wheels '55 Bel-Air Gasser.  In later generations the Bel-Air would adapt more Cadillac-influenced styling and tailfins, but in my opinion the 1955 is the best Bel-Air generation out of the so-called Tri-Five Chevy's!

Hot Wheels 1955 Bel-Air variations

The 2006 Classics debut in Orange/Cream two-tone with metal base, though it could've benefitted from front and rear lighting details.  2010 resolved that, with the first release in red with front and rear lighting, front and rear trunk badges, side chrome trim, and custom scallops on the sides to add even more character to the body.  Now we're talking!  Note the BFGoodrich on the tires, which was a Wal-Mart exclusive on the early versions.  The blue version was the second recolor and only found at Toys-R-Us in the summer of 2010; if you didn't find one don't worry the same exact color and scheme, minus the front and rear light details, was released again in the 100 years of Chevrolet 5-pack in 2011.  The final recolor of the year was orange, though mine's suffered from off-set taillight decals.

Which brings me to the yellow version: released in 2013 to only three or nine-packs, it is a variation to the 100 years of Chevrolet 5-pack blue version, which means it does without the front and rear lighting and the scallops are shaped differently, but overall still retains the stock look of the 2010 versions!

Take Two:  '55 Nomad's!

Surprisingly, right after the introduction of the Bel-Air's in 2010, the '55 Nomad followed the same suit decal-wise:  The metallic red features side trim details with Bel-Air on the rear fenders, rear taillights, and my favorite detail the chrome strips on the rear tailgate!  The blue one followed shortly after.  The original Redline Nomad featured GTO-style quad lights and an opening hood.  Shortly after the revival in 1994, it was retooled with the proper single-headlight, larger grille, closed hood, larger sunroof, yet retained the factory-correct rear-end, side exhaust, and the interior which is strangely a three-seater (one bench seat).  It also interesting to know that so far the Nomad still retains the metal base, while most other Hot Wheels castings have recently reverted to plastic base for cost reasons.

Now you can see why these variations are a part of my collection: They're so cool and mostly stock!!!

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