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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Greenlight 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T Classic and Police Pursuit


Just like the 2010 Shelby GT500 Mustang, the Dodge Challenger R/T casting is the best in the 1:64 scale industry.  How cool is to have the Deep Water Blue 2011 R/T with the classic package than to have the 2009 Broward County, Florida Sheriff's Challenger Police Car!

Reviving the MOPAR pony car

It hasn't been since the mid-1970's that Dodge last sold a pony car.  Since then the Mustang dominated and the GM Camaro and Firebird faced-off until ending the fight in 2002.  But just as Chevy revived the Camaro in 2006 for a 2010 production date, the Challenger also came back 2006 for a 2008 introduction.  Despite being a concept, the mechanicals was, thankfully, possible from the introduction of the LX cars (300, Charger sedan) in 2005.  Trust me, Chrysler tried to revive the pony car back in the 1990's, but with only front-wheel drive platforms to choose from, options were limited.  Now it was possible.  The first cars in 2008 were SRT-8 with 6.1 Hemi, 5-speed automatic, and your choice of Orange, Silver, or Black.  2009 saw the full-line introduction with the V6 SE, R/T with 5.7 Hemi, and six-speed manual transmission offered for all but the V6 models. 

The body was squared up compared to the rounder 2006 concept and the interior shares the same dash with the LX family (a downside), but with a four gauge pod, door panels with lower arm rest and door handles, and bolstered front seats.  One of the disadvantages of the Challenger that it was bigger and heavier than the Camaro or Mustang (hopefully they'll fix this problem with the next generation currently being called the SRT Barracuda).  2011 saw a revised lower grille that frowns instead of smiles, new 3.6 Pentastar V6, smaller three-spoke steering wheel (from the previous boat-size 4-spoke wheel), and the introduction of the 6.4 392 CID V8 for the SRT line.  2013 brings the Super Bee to the Challenger line and 2014 has a new 3-spoke steering wheel from the SRT Viper.  With countless colors and variations there's plenty of ways to personalize your own Challenger.

The story on the Broward County Sheriff Challenger

Police departments having Challenger's is nothing new thanks to the experience with the new Charger and the fact that the Challenger's are faster and sleeker for high-speed pursuit.  However, there will be times that they may need to have a police car for demonstration purposes, especially to grab the attention of young children to the police and teach them the right from wrong and hopefully become future sheriff's deputies someday.   Most of these police cruisers are customized from other cruisers or repossessions from drug busts or auto thefts, and if a few of them are credible they use them for special undercover operations, or customize one for demonstrations.  The Broward County Sheriff Challenger is actually a donated new Challenger outfitted to the Sheriff's department Green/White color uniform (the Sheriff's department is the largest organization in Florida, with a county for each Sheriff department, and most of them use the same green/white color scheme) in 2009.  since then this Challenger has been used for demonstration purposes since the department has a few other Challengers with less noticeable ghost sheriff logo's.  Having lived in Palm Beach, FL for 23 years, finding this Challenger was a nice personal touch for me!

The Greenlight units

The blue R/T looks great, along with the side R/T stripes reminiscent of the stripes on the 1971 R/T Challenger's.  The Classic package includes classic Challenger cursive on the front fenders and 5-spoke mag wheels.  Other nice details include the front grille, hood scoop with HEMI on sides, rear spoiler and taillight bar, dual exhaust.  The interior is nicely done, though it should have the proper smaller 3-spoke steering wheel if it's going to be called a 2011 Challenger!  The engine on both Challenger's are nicely done, though the blue one includes HEMI on the sides of the engine cover.

The BC Sheriff's Challenger looks even more amazing in Green/White color, Sheriff's badge on the trunk and doors, rear bumper and fender lettering and yellow Florida police car plate, and the light bar on the roof.  The 5-spoke wheels are accurate to the real car.  The only quibble is that it would be nice to see a little paint accents to the additional blue/red flashers on the front and rear ends.

It would be nice to add more of this fantastic casting in my collection later on, but for now these two will do.

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