Monday, June 9, 2014

Greenlight 1966 Ford Bronco, part 2

Back in January, I reviewed the new Greenlight Ford Bronco from the 'Zoolander' movie.  Now here's a look at another version of the same Ford Bronco casting, this time from the recent Black Bandit series.

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The 'Zoolander' Bronco featured a raised suspension, no top, no doors, and a front push bumper.  The Black Bandit version goes the opposite way:  The front now features a stock bumper with better detailing of the headlights and silver grille bar with FORD letters.  The sides show more detail of the side trim, marker lights, Bronco name, and hey it's got door's!!!  The wheels are the same silver ones from the 'Zoolander' version, now black and riding at a stock ride height; despite the lower look, it still has the ground clearance to go anywhere off-road.  I'm still trying to figure out why there's two gas caps on the driver's side?

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Out back the spare tire returns, and it turns out some Black Bandit versions come without the spare in the rear.  The spare assembly is not flush with the tailgate thanks to the interference with the rear bumper and covers the FORD letters on the tailgate, but on the other hand it looks cool with the 'Black Bandit' ghost name on the cover!  The roof is all-plastic and unlike the Dodge Ramcharger (i'll profile this one later on) the top stays on!  The interior is the same as before with seating for four, steering wheel, detailed dash, and shift lever for the four-wheel drive.  The only thing missing is the roll cage from the open-top versions.  The base and engine compartment details carry over from the previous versions.

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Looks good, and I hope Greenlight gets to make good use out of this casting in the future.  Don't be surprised to see one towing a trailer later on!

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