Saturday, June 14, 2014

Quick Look: Hot Wheels 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T and 1967 Ford Mustang

Instead of rambling about each casting, i'll put a few of the latest under a brief review called Quick Looks.  This segment we take a look at two fabulous pony cars in their best outfits so far.

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1971 Challenger R/T

Introduced in 2011, the 1971 Challenger joins the 1970 as the latest classic Challenger family, but this one uses the R/T package with rear spoiler, side stripe, and revised styling with twin-grille, separate taillights, and of course that fabulous shaker hood that pokes out of the hood.  Last year the Challenger got a spoiler that is now part of the body, looking less realistic.  Make manners worse, aside from the tucked-in wheels look, is using the same yellow from 2013 line on this 2014 line...BUTTTTT look at the way it's done: Flat black hood, blacked-out wheels, Hotchkiss and retainer pins on the hood, T/A 340 Six Pack on the front fenders.  It looks AWESOME!!! The stealthy black accents were the reasons why I got this version.  I must admit I didn't like this casting in the beginning, but over time it's grown on me with the orange 'Green Hornet' release in 2011, the first 2012 Super TH alongside the nice regular Teal, and now this one.  Can't wait to see what other surprises this casting brings down the road

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1967 Ford Mustang

Ok, first off this is not a 'Custom' mustang and second it has nothing to relate to the Redline Custom Mustang of 1968 either.  This casting was a new tool in 2001 created to resemble more of a stock 1968 Ford Mustang fastback, with opening hood and metal base.  In 2010 that all changed as the base is now plastic, the hood closed shut, and moved back a year to 1967.  This 2014 version, in celebration of the Mustang's 50th Anniversary, is the best version of this casting, heck the whole 50th Hot Wheels series of this year, yet!  The blue is gorgeous alongside racing decals; look close and you can see real sponsors on the logo's.  In better relief to those who witness the 2010 version, the 5-sp wheels look right at home on this casting.  The detailing of the body looks great with front grille, headlights, side scoops, base details, and my personal favorite the rear cove with the tri-taillights.  The interior is nicely done with twin-dash and ribbed seat patterns.  The only problem I see is the plastic case tool starting to cause the bumpers to warp a little (you can see it on the ends of the front bumper.  For this casting to be more popular with collectors, Hot Wheels needs to do this '67 Mustang in cleaner variations like this one more often.

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