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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hot Wheels and Matchbox BMW Motorcycles

With the return of BMW license to Mattel, not only the M3 and other BMW get more attention, so does the motorbike division.  Here's three examples:

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Matchbox's first licensed bike

Matchbox's first BMW bike is the R1200 GTP, also knows as the Police bike.  It is currently the most popular motorbike for the Police departments across the nation.  Improvements over the R1200 GT line include crash bars at the front for protection and to add additional radio and siren equipment, large flat side panels for police department insignia, saddle boxes with a radio box where the second seat used to be, additional switch gear, and a second battery to power emergency safety equipment.  A speed match feature allows the officer to match the speed of the vehicle pursuing for future reference.  Other additional features were offered from mounting points for shot guns and a rear light that raises up for better visibility to other drivers.  The unique features on BMW motorbikes is the flat-two cylinder setup that was originally air-cooled, but is now water-cooled.  The 1170cc H-2 produces 109 hp. and 89 Ib-ft. of torque through a six-speed shaft-driven gearbox on a bike weighing 571 Ib's.

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The Matchbox version looks good with all the police equipment, but is turned-off by the all-plastic body (base is metal), The front trees sit too low, the wheels are different (the rear is a three-spoke to the front's 5-spoke, and the front could use detailed lights.  The engine details are nice, but not as nice as the next BMW bike from Matchbox.

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R1200 GS: Big and heavy!

Planned for the 2013 line, the GS arrived late in mid-2014.  It was worth the wait since this bike is almost all metal save for the plastic gas tank cover, and boy is it heavy!   The saddle bags continue and look big on this bike, the front tree's are taller and feature two fenders to give it the dirt bike look.  The front upper fender and handle bars connect the plastic body to the metal base, and strangely the windscreen is taller and a separate piece that comes off too easily!  At least the wheels match each other, and the engine features further detail than the GT-P, along with handle bars with added detailing.  The GS is a dual-purpose bike that can be raced on the track as well as off the trail.  The Flat-twin cylinder engine now produces 109 hp. and a big 123 Ib-ft. of torque through the same six-speed shaft-driven transmission as the RT/P on a bike weighing 505 Ib's.  The only problem with this casting is the loose windscreen and I would like to see the headlights detailed on that windscreen as well.

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The Hot Wheels version to challenge the Ducati

And as if Hot Wheels doesn't want to get left out, they come out with their own BMW bike called the K1300R, a superbike made from 2005 and 2008.  It provides a 1157 cc I-4 producing 175 hp. and 103 Ib-ft. of torque through a six-speed manual.  This bike was called the naked bike for its lack of optional equipment and side skirts.  This Hot Wheels version looks stealthy in all-black with a gray gas tank, which is the only plastic part on this body.  The orange on black looked good except for the orange painted on the front tree's.  The bike is big, but like the Ducati Diavel it is long so the rider sits at a comfortable position.  The details on the engine is incredible and I must give Hot Wheels credit for adding details to the silver bolts on the engine.  The wheels are properly-secure, the bazooka exhaust is big, it at least has a rear plate even though it lacks a windscreen, and the intake pipes snake to the front just like the Diavel.  However, the semi-Cyclops headlight looks weird!

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Makes you wonder what BMW bike is next from Mattel!

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Update:  Here's the 2016 release of the BMW R1200 RTP police bike.  This version in dark blue with a black base looks much better and more realistic than the white version.  The State Trooper adds more realism on the sides.  To add to that I detailed the lighting front and rear along with engine and brake caliper details to really bring this casting to the life of realism.  Doesn't it look great!

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