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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quick Look: Hot Wheels 1963 Aston Martin DB5 and Fiat 500 recolor's

Here's a new segment I like to call Quick Look.  Why?  Because I already profiled these vehicles, plus there'll be times when the recolor is soo good that it's worth showing them again, and here's two that fit the bill.

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Bond, James Bond

For those dying to see this version go from green to silver, here's your chance as this silver version of the DB5 looks amazing and really shows off the details.  One thing I noticed is proper stamping of the light this time, though there's some shifting still visible.  Isn't it weird the headlight decals look just like the Fiat 500's???  The rear plate is redesign to feature the plate used on the DB5 in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger".  The DB5 is an iconic car to Bond fans, being used in several Bond films, and this car looks good right with them.  Next up is the Retro Entertainment version with metal base.

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White with Red never looked soo good!

Then there's the Fiat 500, not a particular favorite of mines, but this casting is well-executed in Sport trim with matching 5-spoke wheels.  The white is very silky smooth and goes great with the velvet red interior.  The white not only looks right at home on the 500, but makes the details stand out, especially the red FIAT logos that were previously hidden under the Dark Red paint.  It's fun to drive and to look at with all the excellent details no matter if you like this car or not!

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