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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Greenlight Dodge D100 Pickup

A while ago I profiled the first SUV in the Greenlight line, the 1978 Dodge Ramcharger and Plymouth Trail Duster.  The first pickup, released at the same time as the Ramcharger, is another Dodge, the D100 Pickup.

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Stylish Dodge of the Sixties

The D-series was serving a long time without updates from the 1960's to the 1990's.  At the start of the 1960's the Dodge trucks were going for a more square approach just like it's competitors.  The shape has changed several front-ends and a major makeover in 1972, but otherwise has remain the same for a long time.  The 1965-1967 featured a more car-like approach with round headlights encased in large round rings with three-points (making it look like the front of the Chrysler Turbine car) and turn signals in the eggcrate grille.  The sides of the fleetside beds had a character line with a slight kink at the rear to remind us of the finned cars of the 1950's.  The back has contemporary taillights and DODGE on the tailgate.  Other notable features is the hood with hood vents and the roof with a chrome strip separating the windows from the roof and wrapping around the top from B-pillar to B-pillar.  The interior has a more driver-oriented setup with a large central, silver pod with complete gauges and radio.  The steering wheel has a deep-dish design with an additional rim inside that is the usual added safety gear.  Some models had the Chrysler car-based push-button shifter for the automatic transmission.  Engines range from the I-6 to the V8, the big one the 383 Cid producing 258 hp. through the only transmission, a three-speed automatic.  After 1967 the D-series reverted back to the basic boxy truck look of the prior models before 1965.

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Variations galore!

While Greenlight has gotten more use out of the 1967-1972 Chevy C-series pickup, the D100 wins for the most overall level of variations.  Before the Chevy it used to haul the add-on camper shell, it offers short-bed, long-bed, and stepside version, and even features the Custom Sport Special trim, complete with dual racing stripes on the hood and roof.  The first version was the stepside in yellow featuring black County Roads service patrol logos and steel black wheels without the center caps.  The base is custom-made to allow the stepside bed to fit on the base; note the standard dual exhausts, rounded rear bumper, and smaller DODGE on the tailgate.  The wide hood opens up to reveal the engine, and as you can see three out of the four models have different color schemes on the block and air cleaner.

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Next is the blue long bed, featuring a longer bed that looks long by itself, but not by much as compared to the short-bed.  Both the yellow stepside and blue long bed feature South Carolina plates at the back.  Next is the red short-bed with silver toolbox in the bed, white steel wheels with center caps, and Nebraska rear plate . Finally is the most amazing one of all, this smooth jet black CSS with silver stripes and white wheels and Maine rear plate; much better than the current white version in the Country Roads.  It looks so amazing in the black, like wearing a suit and tie when you know it's all blue-collar underneath!  Other variations include a few recolors and a red Stepside with custom wheels for the Greenlight Muscle series.

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With a new Hitch and Tow series on its way, it would be nice to see more of the D-100 in future releases.

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