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Monday, September 15, 2014

Hot Wheels 1965 Ford Galaxie vs. 1966 Fairlane GT

In 1965 the Galaxie gets restyled, along with the Fairlane, with quad vertical-stacked headlights looking close to the 1965 Pontiac GTO.  Both of these castings from Hot Wheels goes in different directions.

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The Galaxie and Fairlane redo's

The Galaxie goes for a smoother headlight profile with a curved look to it, joining the larger billet grille.  The rear has rectangular taillights and a more ordinary styling change from the jet-age look of the previous generation.  Powertrains are the same, including the famed 427 V8 and 4-speed manual.  The interior features the same driver-oriented dash, but now with a more squared-look and a two-tier gauge cluster from the previous round cove look.  As usual the Galaxie is still the prime mark for racers in NASCAR in 1965.

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The Fairlane got the same look, but the headlights are not flush and the taillights are more narrower than the Galaxie.  The interior features a one-tier dashboard, but overall very similar to the Galaxie.  The 427 V8 made its home under here in the GT line, which also features a fiberglass hood with scoop.  The R-code 427 is also mated to a 4-speed manual.  Fairlane was more popular with the NHRA crowd, while the Galaxie to NASCAR.

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Stock vs. Racing Stock

The Galaxie made its first appearance in the Hot Wheels Racing line in the vintage NASCAR series as a new casting, so it's no surprise it has the racing look complete with hood pins, trunk pins, and window support bolts.  Inside the interior is a one-seat affair with rollcage, shifter, and the standard Galaxie dash, though stripped out.  The base shows the beefed-up drivetrain, suspension, and those glorious dual side exhaust to complete the look.  In metallic blue, the Far Out Galaxie logos are very cool and almost realistic, then again the 5-spoke wheels are too modern and look out-of-place.

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The 1966 Fairlane GT came out in 2009 in a fantastic look with FORD letters on the hood, FAIRLANE letters on the rear fenders, white stripe on the sides, and the 427 badge on the front fenders.  If the metallic blue doesn't suit you, check out the metallic red recolor which looks great with the Wal-Mart exclusive redline tires on the standard 5-spoke wheels.  It looks amazing, and I don't think any other variant of this model comes close to the first year versions.  Simply fantastic!

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