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Monday, September 15, 2014

Hot Wheels Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

I profiled the euro bikes that Hot Wheels has made, but along with the usual fantasy ones Hot Wheels has finally made a Harley-Davidson American bike in the form of the Fat Boy in 2012

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Fat Boy for the road

The Fat Boy is the big boy of the Harley-Davidson line weighing in at 694 Ib's.  The big bike has classic curves not only inspired by past H-D bikes, but also influenced by the World War II B29 Bomber planes!  The front has the typical forks with front fenders, disc brakes, and round single headlight.  The handle bars have integrated mirrors with throttle on the right grip and clutch handle on the left and brake on the right.  The gas tank has the classic FL split tank look with dual gas caps and central speedometer, and the leather seats has a second seat for a second rider.  The rear has single taillight above the plate housing and outer turn signal indicators on a long, flat, round fender.  The engine is the 96 Cid. V-twin 2-cylinder engine mated to a six-speed manual.  Interesting to note is the dual-barrel exhaust tips that produce the trademark engine sound and pops thanks to a single-distribution ignition that ignites the spark plugs at various intervals, even if the spark comes on a non-combustion piston cycle, hence the pops from the exhaust stroke.  This bike is also a famous movie star from the Terminator II, to Wild Hogs, even to several brief TV show appearances, though Sons of Anarchy uses the lighter DynaFlow bikes over the heavier Fatboy's.

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The Hot Wheel$ version

In 2012 sporting an orange paint with blacked-out rims, the Fatboy looks very sleek and classy, though some would complain that the dimensions are off compared to the actual bike.  I'm not sure about that, but I would like to see blacked-out details to better show-off the body support bars below the seat.  The Harley-Davidson logo on the gas tank looks good, as does the tank details and the engine details, in metal, below the tank.  The red recolor was nice but I passed on that one.  In 2013 it also appeared in the Motorcycle series in blue with a rider: A biker-clad man and his little dog.  How cute, but unfortunately it was part of a short-lived batch and I never got to see one.  That would change...

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For 2014 the same blue comes in a lighter teal blue color with white teardrop on the sides of the tank joining the H-D logo from 2012, and the wheels now feature a white stripe to resemble the white-wall tires of some H-D bikes.  The best find was that not only did I find the mainline version, but also the Super Treasure Hunt in dark green with detailed taillight, signal lights, and TH on the rear plate.  The 5-sp wheels also offer some nicely-done rubber tires with the proper tread marks.  This may as well be the best STH of 2014!

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While i'm not a big motorcycle fan, if they keep doing the H-D Fatboy in this same deco in future releases I may end up having a motorcycle club forming!

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