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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Matchbox 1957 GMC Pickup

Recently I profiled the 1:24 1959 GMC 4x4 by M2 Machines, and later you'll see more of the M2 1:64 Chevy and GMC variations profiled as well.  However, the first GMC truck comes from Matchbox in 2010, the 1957 GMC

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The first differences for Chevy and GMC trucks

In 1955-1957 GMC finally got features of its own, including a chrome bumper with bullets similar to the ones found on Cadillac's, chrome finned grille, and GMC logo's, with V8 on the front fenders for models with the V8 motor.  Elsewhere it looks just the same as the Chevy truck line, including the Cameo-style Suburban Carryall.  The interior is similar to the Chevy except for a more comprehensive gauge package including a tachometer and a hydramatic automatic transmission.  The engine's, for a change, were different as well sharing the same 287 cid V8 from the Pontiac division, producing a slight edge over it's Chevy brother's small block Chevy V8.

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Finely-done classic

What a casting in its first release in teal with detail headlights, GMC grille on the hood, and finer details elsewhere on the body.  The rear uses the stepside bed with added stake sides to expand the bed and to give a nice work truck-like touch.  The rear has the two taillights and GMC stamped on the gate.  The interior has the same detail touches as the base: not much, but better than nothing.  Also in 2010 (not shown) is the 10-pack only orange and the white one with "Sams" logo on the doors for the Wal-Mart only variation.  In 2011 an awesome all-black look joins the wheels which eliminate the chrome outer ring for the chrome hub-only look (now used more often in the Matchbox lineup), yet lacks the key details of the 2010 version.  Also in 2011 is the Lesney edition with a metal base, more details including red GMC letters, white roof, whitewalls on the tires, chain and GMC logo on tailgate, taillights, and rear yellow Wyoming plate.

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After a 5-pack special in blue with scratches from hard work, 2014 rereleases the regular line in green with Canon construction on the doors and the familiar yellow/black caution logos on the rear fenders.  So far, so good, let's hope Matchbox keeps up with the fantastic variations of this classic, and unique (when compared to the Chevy models produced) pickup truck.

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Update 1/2/2018: Here's a nifty livery that came from a 5-pack a few years ago.  It's rust-colored and it says Stephen and Sons Salvage.  Tribute to the '1950 Ford F-1 in the beginning of each "Sanford and Son" episode?  Sure enough!

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