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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Part 2: The Hot Wheels Ferrari Daytona in 1:64

Ok, this seems a bit backward, but since this blog does things by newest post first, I want to put the 1:18 casting first.  This is the smaller scale versions that I've enjoyed for almost 15 years.

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Daytona Coupe's

In 2000 with the new Ferrari license the 1:64 365 GTB arrived as #1 in the First Editions line.  #2?  The Ferrari 550 Maranello, both in red with tan interiors and 5-sp wheels and metal bases!  The Daytona has a nice grille detailing with exposed headlights, metal front and rear bumpers, detailed taillights with yellow Hot Wheels logo, and a detailed base with those multiple mufflers!  The interior is nicely-done in tan with all the proper detailing, including the ribbed seats.  Later in 2000 the yellow came out with black interior, vastly different from the Maranello's silver with red interior.  Later versions were offered with racing graphics and Ferrari 5-packs, and a 2011 Garage version in blue with the exposed headlights.  I hope more nice versions like the red and yellow come out later on.

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Daytona Spider

As a nice addition in 2009 is the droptop Spider version in the Ferrari Racer line.  Sadly the base is now plastic with some odd cutouts in the body above the rear bumpers, but otherwise looks nice in the red with the same details as the coupe, but with a smoother rear decklid, tonneau cover, and an open interior showing off the fantastic details, including the 3-spoke steering wheel.  The gray co-mold wheels look odd on this casting, but that was quickly resolved with the 2010 Wal-Mart Valentine's day version in silver with a dark red interior, lighting details, and 5-spoke wheels.  Even more nicer is the 2013 Retro Entertainment version for Miami Vice in Black with Tan interior, metal base (finally!), and rubber tires on wheels that look like a natural for this car, and also for the first time on the Spider is the exposed headlights detailed on the body.  Even more cool is the 250 California predecessor from Ferris Bueller's Day Off that appeared shortly after.

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