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Friday, October 10, 2014

1:24 Suburban, Part 2: Jada Toys 1957 Chevy Suburban

Just a week after I posted the review on the Welly 1:24 2000 Suburban 2500 did I find another Suburban, this time a classic one from Jada Toys Just Trucks series, and boy its a beaut!

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More power for the versatile Suburban

As I mentioned before, the Suburban has been in continuous production since 1935.  However, since then the Suburban's main power was the old Blue Flame I-6.  That all changed in 1955 when Chevrolet introduced the newer, compact, affordable Small Block V8 to the passenger car line starting with the Bel-Air.  Not to be left out is the Chevy Trucks division and so along with the new 283 cid V8 producing 153 hp. through a 3-speed column-shift manual, the styling was also grafted from the new Bel-Air line.  This is indeed the most stylish trucks ever offered from Chevy/GMC at this point.  The 1957 model saw a new grille with a mail slot opening from the prior eggcrate look, optional billets on the hood, and some models got the side chrome strip with SUBURBAN at the rear panels to mimmick the 1957 Bel-Air.  The rest of the shape from the integrated fenders, raised hood, round headlights, curved windshield, sliders for the side windows, rear taillights, and the choice of tailgate or panel doors at the rear carries over.  The interior is more car-like with a rounded dash, V-instrument gauge with speedometer, 3-spoke wheel, and radio.  The front bench seats three, with the driver's seat separated from the rest of the bench.  Unfortunately unlike today's Suburban's there was no rear doors so access was by the front bench (on the passenger side) tilting forward to allow access in the rear.  You'll noticed the rear benches have only room for two to allow an isle to access the rear seats on one side.  The cargo area is vast if you go for the Panel model, and you can do the same to the Suburban by removing the rear seats, but that's not an easy task to do on this model.

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Bright Red and LOW

This Jada casting was based on the DUB City version used in the last decade, and it's a great casting though I passed on it because I didn't like the blinged-out wheels.  Nowadays in this setup that I got you get a tire rack with the extra set of Dubs on the rack, while the Suburban gets the classier whitewall tires on silver steel wheels.  I prefer the latter!  The paint is what got me: A bright fire engine red with the classic silver chrome strip on the sides.  It's gorgeous, especially out in the sun, and goes right along the Welly 2000 Suburban's similar Victory Red.  The front has chrome on the bumper, grille, headlight surrounds, windshield, mirrors, door handles, the rear bumper, and taillight surrounds.  They never skip a beat on the chrome!

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The curves are beautifully done on the sides, but then things get rusty at the rear.  The details are nicely done, but it's the problem with the rear tailgate:  While the operation with the glass window up and tailgate down is very nifty, the fit when closed is pretty bad.  As for the cargo area, it's a bit snug but usable; if you want to carry 1:64 vehicles in the back then go for the Panel (I believe Jada offers one as well).  The interior is nicely done, though all in black, with only a chrome steering wheel with an oddly-large column shifter looks good (and is a bit loose on my tester)  The good thing about this casting is, despite the love for big subwoofers in the Dub City era, this truck never came with any!  The rear benches are the correct small, and good thing they are since the rear wheelwells are designed for the wider Dub rims.  There is one big problem and that is the lack of side paneling and a headliner inside, which shows off some rather unfinished painting, not to mention the smell makes it seem like someone actually painted the truck themselves with Testors paint!

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The engine is beautifully done with a silver motor block, valve covers, air cleaner, radiator, and all in 3-D.  Look close and you can see the spark plug wires from the distributor to the spark plugs at each cylinder.  Even the battery box and brake booster is detailed on the blacked-out firewall.  The base is another story:  It looks good with the proper details and the chrome exhaust standing out, but the lowered stance puts the bracket holding the spare tire way to close to touching the ground!

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Aside from a few unfinished touches and I really don't need the extra rims, this is one fantastic casting from Jada that I've ever seen!

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