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Friday, October 31, 2014

Maisto 1:43 Dodge Ram SRT-10

Now to something cool and valuable.  This was released, quietly, in 2004 and since then has been an attractive piece on Ebay whenever it appears.  The red one is less-likely since it was visible for a few years until disappearing again.  The black one appeared briefly and was so hard-to-find that it was a casting drawing in the most attention.  I was lucky enough to find these two and they're cool!

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Viper in a Ram

Viper V-10 in a Ram truck is nothing new:  The original 8.3L V-10 in the 1994 Ram was the same block used in the Viper, but with a cast-iron block.  The idea of a Viper-motor in a Ram appeared in the 1994 Ram VTS Concept, also complete with a smooth look in GTS blue with white stripes and GTS 5-spoke wheels.  This one never made production, but the next-generation one did as the SRT-10 version.  The look started with a lower front-bumper with larger cooling ducts and a new hood scoop with Viper badges on the sides.  The side profile is clean except for SRT-10 badges and double 5-spoke wheels, while the rear has dual chrome exhaust and a rear spoiler over the bed that is detachable if the cargo area needs additional clearance.  The brakes are larger, and the 8.3L V-10 fits nicely in the engine bay with the Viper's red valve covers and silver dual intake runners.  It makes 510 hp. and 535 Ib-ft. through a 6-speed manual to the rear wheels  The ride height is lowered with stiffer springs and a rear anti-roll bar.

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Inside is a familiar interior with clean-cut dash and new 4-spoke steering wheel.  The bigger changes are the seats with bolsters similar to the Viper SRT-10 and a Hurst shifter in the center console for the six-speed.  The Ram SRT-10 holds the fastest truck in the world title with Guinness book of world records.  The SRT-10 Ram lasted for three years with a Quad Cab released in 2005 with a 5-speed automatic, and in 2006 the front-end was restyled to match the rest of the 2006 Ram line.  Also, an appearance package was offered for Hemi models feature the same hood scoop, ground effects, and 5-spoke wheels of the SRT-10 Ram.

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First on the block

I managed to catch this one, quietly, at a Wal-Mart one day and I was glad I did.  This black version was not easy-to-find and was the only SRT-10 Ram at the time.  The black paint with silver SRT-10 badges and exhaust tips at the rear are excellent, as does the taillights and Dodge plate at the rear.  At the front features detailed lighting with clear headlight covers that seem a bit bulky as the only awkward downside of the otherwise sharp and aggressive front-end.  The double 5-spoke wheels are excellent, and despite the motor eating away bed space (and ground clearance) the rear spoiler is still visible. The interior is properly done, and a vast improvement over the 2002 Quad Cab!  Everything down to the shifter and seats of the SRT-10.  The red version appeared a short while later; the one shown here was brutally beaten with the base almost warped and the box slightly-damaged, but the truck was fixable and was still in good shape.  The red also shows off more of the grille and scoop details at the front.  Other versions included a Tonka police truck in 2009 and a monster truck version, but again these variations are not easy-to-find.

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Many other companies have also done the SRT-10 Ram, some with better results, but for the all-original version at a reasonable cost (compared to a 1:43 scale version from another company that I know of), this Maisto Power Racer is the way to go!

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