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Sunday, October 12, 2014

RMZ 1:32 Scion FRS

Now wait, haven't I reviewed this casting before???  Yes I did.  However, this is a completely different casting from the Top Mark Toyota FT-86, yet the similarities do exist to wonder was the Top Mark line unsuccessful, sold of the inventory to T.J. Maxx, then revised the tools and reverted to the name RMZ?  Who knows, but compare the two to see what you think.

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Close, but no cigar

It starts off first with a proper name: Scion FRS, the U.S. version of the Toyota GT-86, not the FT-86 Top Mark version was calling it.  The front plate says FRS, while the rear says RMZ, and has the appropriate Scion badges, with a cool feature: detailed views of the 86 flat-4 piston badges on the front fenders.  The sizes are similar, as is the front bumper details, but the RMZ forgoes the opening hood for a closed look which is much cleaner, so is the headlights that are secured with rivets on the inside of the body, curing the issue of headlights coming apart in the Top Mark version.  The mirrors are the same, but forgo the silver mirror for the lower trim details (not visible on the black model).  The lower side character line is more defined here than the Top Mark version, while the wheels are the same, though the lack of a front trigger to activate the sound and lights makes the FRS sit at a much proper height instead of a raked front appearance.  The rear eliminates the odd, tacked-on spoiler for a cleaner look.  The taillights are not foil, or full-red either (a smidge of foil shows on the sides), but the inner bulb layout is nicely-done.  As does the chrome exhaust tips, much cooler-looking here!

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Colors are the same Firestorm (red) and Hot Lava (orange) of the Top Mark version, but also RMZ adds Whiteout (white) and Raven (Black). The black looks as good as glass, while the white has a nice pearl to it.  The base has the same details and pull-back motor, but without the sound speaker and batteries for the lights.  The interior looks the same, without the two-tone black/tan, but is a different tooling from the Top Mark.  The seats are separate from the rest of the interior piece, resulting in a much slimmer-looking front seats.  The rear still shares room with the central luggage to hide the pull back motor.  The doors have the same detailing, as does the center console.  The dash looks the same but has a few differences:  The gauges and radio are a separate piece of clear plastic insert and the pedals are nicely-detailed, and signal the two-pedal (plus dead pedal at the left) that this is a six-speed automatic version (which comes with paddle shifters).

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So is it the spinoff of the Top Mark?  Maybe, but what I can say is this one has much better quality than the Top Mark versions, so while I do miss the working lights and sounds, i'd prefer good quality over function anytime.

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