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Saturday, November 22, 2014

AutoWorld 1970 Chevrolet Impala Custom Coupe

The Chevrolet Impala is a well-know car for the Chevrolet division, so much that every diecast manufacturer has at least made one copy for each generation, or have they?  As it turns out there's a few years missed on the map of Impala's, and this 1970 is one of them.

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Plain-jane Impala

After years of successful designs and innovative technologies, the Impala for 1970 got, well, kinda dull.  No more did the Impala had looks of its own, it looks more like any other full-size coupe of that era.  First off, the SS model would be dropped even though the larger engines were still offered; the car shown here has a 350 CID V8 making 300 hp. through a 3-speed automatic.  The front featured the quad headlights and eggcrate grille more prominent as the chrome surround from 1969 has thinned out.  The lower bumper now has a grille opening, and CHEVROLET also joins the right-side of the grille.  The comet tail after each wheel still continues, but the rest of the car has that ordinary look, including a more squarer roof with vinyl top.  The rear now has tri-slots for the taillights in the bumper.  It's interesting to note lack of any prominent Impala badges or logos on the sides of the vehicle.

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The interior has roomy seating for six with full benches, while the dashboard continues the driver-centered layout with radio and HVAC controls to the sides, with the speedometer at the top, of the steering wheel.  This was the last of the fourth-generation since 1966 with a new 1971 now sharing the platform with the new Caprice.

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AutoWorld does it better

Even for such a dud, AutoWorld did an excellent job on this car.  Painted in Forest Green with Colorado rear plate, the Impala is nicely done with the correct attention to detail to the front grille and lights to the rear bumper.  The trim is nicely done, as is the hubcaps on tires that have much better tread than before.  The interior shows the correct layout and details, while the hood opens to show off the engine details with the orange engine block, though labels on the air cleaner would be nice.  Finally the metal base shows off the proper driveline details, including the use of dual exhaust at the rear.  Again, it's not that exciting for an Impala, but give credit to AutoWorld for filling in the missing gap and producing another fantastic luxury coupe.

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