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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hot Wheels Dairy Delivery

When it comes to big, heavy castings like trucks in the Hot Wheels line they are extremely popular.  VW Drag Bus, Thunder Roller, Texas Drive 'Em, and Diary Delivery.  The latter was once a common casting in the Mainline, but now it's strictly for premium lines.

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The Divco

Diary Delivery started life as a Divco, short for Detroit Industry Vehicles Company, a common sight in the 1950's for delivery vehicles, especially milk that was delivered to homes in glass jars.  The vans had a smooth front-end reminiscent of the Chrysler Airflow that mends with a typical box truck look at the back.  It was mounted to a chassis with engines from various Detroit automakers, with the I-4 and I-6 likely common powertrains.  This van became an icon for commercial companies back in the 1950-1960's, especially for the milk industry.  However, with ownership changes and changing times, along with new competition, the Divco line saw the end of day in 1986.  The van is now considered a classic and is a popular method for customizers to turn a simple van into an awesome street rod.  Other companies including Jada Toys have also made the Divco in either stock or street rod form.

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Got Speedy Milk?

This Hot Wheels version starts with a lowered stance with tucked-in wheels behind half-skirts at the rear.  The rear bumper has integrated taillights (also base support tabs), and dual exhaust to add to the dual door rear.  The sides show off the traditional panel look, though the side doors are full-panel sliding and the windows are clean-free of pillars.  The famed front-end is nicely-done with the grille slots and teardrop headlight frames.  The interior shows off a modern look with small-block V8 and automatic transmission at the front running alongside dual exhaust and wider tires at the rear.  The interior features a driver-only seat built for racing more than deliveries.  Out back is the cartons that hold the milk jugs.  All in all it's one cool-looking milk truck, and that's what the 1998 and 1999 versions represent in white with the 1998 having classic '50's trim while the 1999 decked in cow spots; both have Got Milk? on the sides.

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Now there's a ton of variations on this casting, so I won't go into every one, but i'll show a select a few, including the yellow version with PR-5 wheels, cool scallops, and Big Lou Delivery on the sides.  It looks really good and shows how the Diary Delivery looks good even out of typical Milk clothing.  The purple one was the 2003 Circus series with The World's Smallest Clowns (who probably have no problem filling up the large panel van's interior.  Despite the wacky graphics of this series, the Diary seems to look simple and clean.

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Next up is the Publix 75th anniversary model sold only to Publix stores in 2005.  Publix is a high-end grocery store that is open mostly states in the southeast United States.  It's a great store to find good food items, and occasionally some diecast.  This Diary looks the part in white with green fenders, silver grille and headlights, painted rear taillights, and Publix on the sides, with 75th grocery bag on the doors and roof.  It looks great and is by far one of my favorite Diary Delivery variations.  The version last seen in the Mainline was the Redline Racing version in 2009 in flat olive green with red interior.  While very neat (especially the pinstripe on the roof), it's not one of my favorites.  Since then the Diary Delivery has been mostly seen on the premium side in limited numbers.  Will the Diary return in the mainline someday?  It's possible.

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