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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jada Toys 1:24 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 LTZ

When it comes to evolutionary change, it can be a good or bad thing.  In the case of the 2014 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra it was not a good thing since it was very close to the previous generation.  However, in the diecast sense this is all-new since not many companies have made the previous version (and a few have cancelled plans for one after the recession).  The newest is the Jada Toys version.

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Evolutionary Changes

The 2014 Silverado got criticism for an all-new truck that looks the same as the previous-generation.  The front-end is more boxy, but has more details on the headlights with chrome surrounds and a modify grille with integrated Z71 logo on certain models.  The hood has bulges similar to the H-D line, while the rear has new taillights and a rear bumper that has the corner steps last used on the Avalanche.  The interior is improved and now only one style with better materials and modern features like MyLink touch screen in the center and plenty of USB ports at the front.  The new crew cab model uses larger rear doors for a roomier cabin (a smaller 4-door model is also offered.  The biggest change is the new LS engines with EcoTec technology featuring variable valve timing, direct fuel injection, and cylinder deactivation (including the all-new 4.3L V6).  The 6.2 is the preferred powerhouse with 420 hp. and 460 Ib-ft. torque through a six-speed manual and 2-speed transfer case on 4x4 models.  The suspension carries-over, but with a more stiffer frame design than before.  The new V8's are also related to the same engine in the 2014 Corvette (and shares the new larger intake manifold).

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Cool touches at an affordable price!

The first company to release the new Silverado was Norscott, who was more in common with highly-detailed construction equipment but wanted to jump into the 1:24 foray with the new Silverado and Tahoe SUV.  The results looked impressive, until you look at the $50 price and then look at the pictures again:  What's the big deal with the high price???  That's especially true when you look at this Jada version in a nice metallic blue, though a bit too much metallic compared to the actual truck color.  Black, White, and Red are also offered.  Front grille is chrome with detailed headlights (though they lack the Camaro-like angel eye rings for the low-beams), gold bowtie, and Z71 badge in the grille.  Why the foglights are orange I dunno.  The sides feature nice chrome touches on the handles and mirrors and lower door trim, and the square wheelwells look good on the large (and wide) 5-spoke wheels.  The rear has the chrome bumper with the corner steps, detailed taillights, and tailgate badges.  The bed is functional, and the tailgate is opened by pulling up before swinging down (a better alternative than just snapping into place, which doesn't work most of the time and causes the tailgate to swing down).  The base, sadly, is a weak spot with no details, especially at the engine and transmission side, and the brake calipers are now part of the base and are not clearly visible through the wheels.  The bright side is the chrome exhaust tip at the rear.

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The hood opens up to a mostly engine pan, but it is nicely-detailed with the proper details, including the visible Corvette-style intake manifold.  The front doors open up (wish the rear did as well) to an interior that was rather filthy on my version (it came straight from the box!) with detailed seats and door panels against all-black trim.  The dash, thankfully, featured some color with detailed steering wheel, gauges, and center stack.  Note the silver touches around the air vents and the chrome pedals below.

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So it's not the best one out there, but for the price (I paid $16 in box, $15 was without from a Flea Market vendor) it offers the same details as the Norscott for much less.  Now that's a steal.  Up next? How about a Chevy vs. Ford vs. Ram shootout in Jada 1:24.

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