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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kinsmart Fiat 500 Lounge

Let's just say that i'm not a big fan of the new Fiat 500 even though it's cool and sporty in Sport or Abarth trim levels, yet somehow I keep finding some that interest me.  After a few Hot Wheels Sport models, here's one in a Lounge trim, larger size, and a few interesting details.

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It's HUGE!!!

Literally, at 1:28 scale it's larger than most 1:32 scale models from Kinsmart, so it'll fit in more with the 1:24 scale club for proper size dimensions.  There are some odd-points aside from the size:  The front-end seems kinda long, the wheels tucked in, and the headlights have a strange eye brow look on the chrome lens part.  The front has black lower grille and slot grille, FIAT logo (barely visible), proper headlights, foglights, and nifty chrome trim to the sides of the 500 plate.  The sides have detailed window trim and exterior mirrors with lower black trim, though the latter needs to be fully-painted.  The back features red taillights with the proper chrome lens details, chrome plate handle, and chrome lower bumper strip.  The wheels are multi-spoke with black 500 center caps (hence the Lounge model).

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The coolest feature is the interior, which can be seen from the large sunroof at the top.  The seats have the proper look with the round headrests; the useless rear seat is there with, strangely, enough room even with the pull-back motor!  The front dashboard has the highlight of the day with the matching color trim across the dash for red on red models (shown), white on white models, and silver on silver models.  Forgo the black model since it has no colored dash trim.  This color, while not perfect, nicely shows off the other details including the radio and HVAC controls between the color strip, cubby hole above the glove box, shifter on the dash, 3-spoke steering wheel ahead of the round gauge pod that, sadly, is not detailed.  The strange part about this casting is that the interior seems too roomy to actual scale!  The base shows off a few details, with mostly the engine and transmission details at the front and the rectangular exhaust tip at the rear.  The downside of not getting the Sport or Abarth is the small 1.4L DOHC I-4 that is naturally-aspirated and produces only 100 hp. through a 5-speed manual that will be used to really get the most out of this car.

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Well, aside from the large size and creepy eyebrows in the headlights, it's one cool-looking Fiat new 500 to own!

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