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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Other 1980's Mustang's from other manufacturers

For a while I can remember collectors calling for a Fox-body Mustang of the 1980-1990's on deaf ears, then a sudden abundance appeared!  Now you know about the Hot Wheels 1992 LX and later on i'll profile the 1993 Police package versions (two are GT's), but here's a few odds-and-ends that you may have not known about.

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Two shades of different 'Stangs

The first two is some Mustangs from a company that I can't remember the name but was sold briefly at Kay-Bee Toys (now extinct).  They're cheap-looking, but offered some unique models: one was a Lexus LS400 with a Toyota badge or a 1980's Audi Quattro.  These two were some nice Mustangs.  The first is a sporty coupe with the bi-wing rear spoiler and hood scoop of the SVO, but the front-end has the same quad headlights and rectangular taillights of the early 1980's Mustangs.  GT?  Probably.  The details are nice except for the separate front-end, which is part of the interior.  The wheels are low-cost, but look somehow cool on this model, and feature a working suspension on a base with the only cool feature is the visible working suspension.  The interior features seats and what appears to be a bar stool as a steering wheel and no dashboard.  Again cheap, remember?

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The other is a wider GT Convertible based on the updated 1987 model with Taurus-like flush headlights (part of the windshield here) and round foglights holes in the bumper (both bumpers are part of the base).  On the sides the lower plastic trim nicely wraps around the doors, while the wheels look small and out-of-place of the bigger GT conv. body size.  The rear has the proper taillight blinds and a nice job on the tonneau cover boot.  The interior is nicely outfitted with the correct dashboard and seats, though without a shifter, in a nice tan color to off-set the all-black look.  It looks impressive except for a few flaws: I would like to see more details at the front-end and the windshield post was warped during assembly (note the bent frame at the top).  Again, cheap.

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Two sides of a Mustang Convertible

Which brings me to the reason of this review:  This awesome For Mustang GT Convertible in red from Road Champs that I found at the Flea Market.  The red with black grille, Mustang GT on the hood, and BOSS at the rear (not sure why the Boss was needed) on an otherwise clean casting.  The front has square jewel headlights, part of the metal base, poking at the front,  hood lines, side trim line that wraps from bumper-to-bumper, and taillights at the rear.  Nicely done, with metal base with some general details and wheels that look good (though a bit large) and strangely resemble the Hot Wheels basic wheel set from the same era!  The interior has the correct seats in a tan color, but the dash seems flat on details.  The doors opening are cool, but the major weakpoint develops where the body tends to bend like a banana (see the door fittings on my version), and it lacks the removable top that was also featured.  If it wasn't for the banana-bent body, it's an otherwise mint casting for its age!

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The other one has been a part of my collection for years, but I never recall it with chrome on its wheels for a long time; only the murder-out black look.  Finally after years of looking like a beater, I finally used a Sharpie to touch up the wheel spokes before the photo shoot and what a difference it makes!  The neon green Majorette Pace Car (yea, um...wow!) looks good with flush headlights (also part of the metal base), bumper ends from the inside base, Pace Car logos on the side, and detailed taillights with a trailer hitch, the latter meant this Mustang was part of a hitch and haul set (though i'm not sure what was attached to it back then).  The interior features the same details as the Road Champs version, but with a silver center console area as a nice touch.  The base features mostly a area for the exposed suspension to work in typical Majorette fashion.  Then open the hood to get a surprise:  Yes that's an I-4!!!  Unfortunately it's probably not the turbocharged SVO engine, and the SVO coupe casting that Majorette also makes doesn't have an opening hood (I know because I used to have a few when I was a kid).

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A pretty peculiar set of Mustangs, eh?

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