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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welly 1:24 Porsche 964(911) Turbo S

The second vehicle was one of those trying to rescue it before all hell breaks loose.  In other words, get it while it's in good condition with all of the parts intact before the kids start to play with it and break off the parts.  That was the constant problem every time I see one of these Porsche 964's, so when I saw one in pristine condition I immediately got it even though I really not a fan into collecting every Porsche, but this one's got some unique touches.

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Moving toward the future

The Porsche 911 has been continually evolving since its introduction in 1964.  After spending a decade and a half with the Turbo-esque look, the 911 was ready to move forward with smoother curves, as evident by the integrated front bumper (the rear bumper would be next in the following generation).  Also incorporated is dual airbags and a few special models, including the Speedster.  The Turbo continues on with the whale tail in the rear and the lone turbocharger for the 3.3L Flat 6 producing 376 hp. and 361 Ib-ft. torque through a 5-speed manual.  Also added are front cooling ducts for the front brakes where the foglights used to reside and the aluminum 5-spoke wheels that would be a stablemate for the 911 in the 1990's.  The Turbo S featured a lightweight interior with no rear seats, Recaro seats, and no radio, yet there was A/C.  The suspension was lowered and the steering with no power assist, it was considered one of the most fastest 911's at the time.  The 3.6 Turbo arrived a few years after the 1993 introduction to add more power to the Turbo S.  The 911 would see one more generation before the air-cooled motor would say goodbye.

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Eyeful of details!

Even though color selection is sparse (and I really not a fan of white), this 911 Turbo offers quite a bit of details just like the 1:18 only without the opening front hood, which is a good thing because there's not much to look at anyways.  The front has the round headlights with white outer lens, signal lights, brake ducts, and Turbo plate front and rear.  More notes include the black bumper gap, washer headlights, and separate wiper blades unit.  The sides have flush-mounted windows, door mirrors, door handles that are cut out of the door, and flared fenders.  The rear has the taillight bar that needs a touch of color details with PORSCHE letters in the center, smooth bumper with plate and plate lights, and dual exhaust.  Note the rear spoiler and its black lip edge and see-though vents to the engine underneath.  Open the hood to see the flat-6 motor with large box on the top, which I think is the intercooler as the airbox is behind the right-rear wheel, the silver fan that cools the motor, and the air compressor and lines for the A/C.

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Underneath is more detail with the engine block and separate silver exhaust headers (with heat shield) and pipes that snake around the engine and turbocharger that shows up near the left exhaust tip (which has the blow-by pressure release valve inside the exhaust).  Ahead of it is the transmission and the control arms, while the front is nothing more than panel covers except for the silver cover at the front.  The wheels are even nice with the 5-spoke design, outer bead locks, and Turbo on the center cap.  The coolest part is the vented brake rotor that moves around the stationary red caliper with Porsche on it.

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Out of the bright white exterior is the dark and cold black interior where only the backing of the Recaro front seats in white light up the dark interior (and a part where the white color wins).  The rear seats are empty and is viewed from the defroster lines of the rear window.  The front dashboard has multiple gauges with the speedometer and tachometer behind the 4-spoke steering wheel with dual airbags.  Note the lack of a radio despite having A/C controls and the shifter and pedal layout.  It's not much, but it is correct to the Turbo S lightweight motto.

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So while this Porsche doesn't look good in white or is not one of my favorites, give it to Welly to do a fantastic job with the level of intristic details that is provided on this casting to give it a sleek and sporty look.

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