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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Welly 1:24 Porsche Cayman S

This is one of two nicely-done Porsche's done by Welly in 1:24.  The Cayman seems to be the pegwarmer as I see one every time I find Welly's at a local drug store, even a brief time at Hobby Lobby, but this red one seemed striking to me.

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The hardtop Boxster

The Cayman was the working in progress for Porsche ever since the Boxster debut in 1997, though the Cayman coupe never appeared until the second-generation Boxster almost ten years after the first-generation.  Why the wait?  Well Porsche exes were having nightmares seeing the Cayman literally obliverate the legendary 911, even though the Cayman lacks the two useless rear seats of the 911.  The remedy to this issue was the limit power output: The 3.4L DOHC Flat-6 produces 291 hp and 251 Ib-ft. torque through a six speed manual, over the 911's (at the time of the Cayman introduction) 325 hp.  The engine, like the Boxster, is located mid-ship ahead of the rear axle, yet unlike the Boxster the Cayman has an access cover that is removable from the rear hatch area.  The neutral handling was the sweet spot for the Cayman, another area where it would be too-close to the 911 whose rear-engine setup had some trickier handling.

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The exterior has some Boxster-styling, but most are unique like the rear fastback roof with integrated rear spoiler that pops up, headlights with projector lens and integrated signal lights, larger scoops with integrated foglights, and flared rear fenders with unique taillights.  The interior is also like the Boxster, but with a few unique dash touches and the cool option of colored gauges that either do or do not match the exterior of the vehicle.  The Cayman offered a smaller flat-6 and various models before the second-generation came along in 2014.

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Cool looks without the special functions

With only the hood and doors open, and even with the rear hatch opening included with the 1:18 version, the Cayman does not offer much just like the Boxster; a side-effect of having a hidden engine.  The red color looks much sharper than the yellow, with 5-spoke wheels that make this car pop out, though the brake calipers are not a separate piece like the 964 Turbo.  The headlights are nicely-done with the projector beam and lines on the inner-lens, as does the front scoops.  The sides feature the detailed side scoops and exterior mirrors with a unique attachment to the door.  The rear has large tailllights and central exhaust with cut-out on the lower bumper to expose the muffler.  The base does not show much except for what much engine that you can see underneath.  While the rear hatch does not open it does show some nice details from the central security net to the colored trim in red or silver that wraps around the engine cover.  Then there's the finer details:  The third brake light that pops up from the engine cover to the PORSCHE letters on the upper edge of the window.

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The front hood does open up to a cargo area that, while still a small area, is much roomier that some Lamborghini's.  The gas tank and spare tire is hidden from view (the spare is at the bottom of the floor alongside the battery), with the jack and first-aid kit standing out in red.  Note in the upper right corner is the master cylinder (or washer jug) in blue.  The interior continues the cool stride in details with silver accents on the doors, silver on the dashboard, on the shifter, and even on the backs of the seat.  The coolest part of the interior is behind the 3-spoke wheel:  The gauges are in yellow and just ahead of the gauges is the exposed silver mesh similar to the one found on the Porsche Carerra GT.  The only downside was the use of pin axles instead of individually-spun wheels.

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While not exiting at first, i'm glad to find a nicely-done Cayman S fully loaded with details.

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