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Thursday, December 18, 2014

AutoWorld 1992 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Also earlier this year I profiled the 1985 IROC-Z Camaro by Hot Wheels, along with their identical, yet older counterpart the 1980's Camaro Z28.  Now here's another finer-detailed third-generation Camaro, just like the Hot Wheels IROC-Z, but this time from basic AutoWorld line.

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The final year for the 3rd generation

1992 marked the final year for the third-generation Camaro as the new 4th-generation Camaro was set to go on sale in 1993.  Now this mostly marks the swang song version for the final generation, but also this is the 25th anniversary year for the Camaro so a special Heritage package was offered.  Sadly the idea of the Corvette's new LT-1 V8 and 6-speed manual for this package was off the table, so it was just mostly a special trim package.  As for the Z28 it was a normal part of the third-generation line starting in 1983.  Then the IROC-Z came as a special package to the Z28 in 1985, which then ultimately kicked out the Z28 as its own model in 1988, then when the Camaro got out of the IROC racing series in 1990, the Z28 returned in 1991 with some added changes.  The ground effects were added, with the front spoiler featuring brake cooling ducts, the hood scoops are a new design and non-functioning, and the duck-tail rear spoiler is replaced with a taller unit mounted on two posts.  The 5.7L V8 also featured some LT1 engine parts to make 245 hp. and 340 Ib-ft. through a five-speed manual.  The interior features a new gauge package and steering wheel with airbag from the Corvette, yet it still retails the messy dashboard layout of the other 3rd-generation models.

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The stealthy Z28

Ok, the downsides of being the lower-end segment of the AutoWorld line is the plastic base, no opening hood, and plastic tires with shared wheels, but otherwise this Camaro looks fantastic in it's jet black look.  The headlights, signal lights, and foglights are nicely done alongside the bowtie and camaro badges.  The side bodylines are nicely done, as does the rear spoiler down to the rear taillights and bumper badges (can you read the 5.7L Turbo Port Injected on the left side of the rear bumper?).  The base has all the correct details, though some parts like the floorpan and the exhaust tends to hang low.  The disappointment is in the interior: while it does feature the correct seats and console details, the dashboard is nothing but a blank shadow with no other further details; very unusual for an AutoWorld casting.

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Overall, even though it's just another typical Camaro casting, this 1992 done by AutoWorld looks great, especially in black!

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