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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Greenlight '68 and 69 Chevelle's, part 2, along with Hot Wheels and Welly 1:43, part 2

It was worth the wait, but here's round two of the Greenlight 1:64 1968 and 1969 Chevy Chevelle's, round two of the 1971 Chevelle SS Convertible by Welly 1:43, and the first group look of the Hot Wheels 1969 Chevelle SS.

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More fabulous Greenlight's

Greenlight 1968 and 1969 Chevelle's, part 1.

After the first review, I knew there was going to be another awesome review later on.  Look at the variety of these five!  First is the silver one from the Greenlight Muscle release with the interesting ghost flames on the front fenders.  The mag wheels with gray spokes look killer, and note the lack of any trim on the sides of this 1968 version.  I wasn't sure if i'd like the look of this one, but when it arrived it looked awesome!  The other one is the Butterscotch Yellow 1968 Chevelle SS from the Barrett-Jackson series.  This one has the added side trim, Rallye wheels with white-letter tires,  The color looks amazing, though its a tad bit darker than the actual color.

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Next is the 1969 is the three different ways to go fast.  The first is the 1969 Chevelle in green with matching green interior, black side stripes, and a different mag-style wheels, but notice something different?  The blue bowtie at the front should get your attention:  This is a COPO Chevelle.  As the history goes, before 1970 GM had a restriction on Chevy passenger cars with more than 400 CiD motors under the hood.  However, order a base passenger car from the Chevrolet Office Production Order with the Corvette 427 V8 (like, say for police duty.  Hehe!) and you get a muscle car right out of the factory, bypassing the factory regulation.  So yes this normal Chevelle has a 427 V8 motor even though you wouldn't know a thing...or maybe you want something that gets attention to what's under the hood, then how about the second Yenko to my collection, this LeMans Blue 1969 Yenko Chevelle from the Muscle release 10.  In this one you get white hood stripes and side stripes wit Yenko, and a Yenko badge at the rear.  It looks cool, even with the mag wheels with dark gray spokes and white letter tires, though the tires do look a bit thin.

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Maybe you need something to "Shake and Bake" with, then go for the "Talladega Nights" 1969 Chevelle.  Now, again, I wasn't sure of the black and gold two-tone and the wheels, but boy this looks amazing in person!  The gold and black look good, and get adorned with 13 on the doors and lower red stripe, but those wheels: a deep chrome 5-spoke wheels with bolt pattern and slick racing tires.  Very NASCAR appropriate!  Even more is at the rear bumper with a North Carolina plate and a bumper sticker that says this: "If your not first, you're LAST!"  This is one cool, fast-looking casting that originally I though would be a bit lame.  Not so!

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Hot Wheels 1969 Chevelle

In 2008 Hot Wheels released the 1969 Chevelle in the First Editions line.  This one is a lower, pro-rod look that still keeps the wedge look.  However, when you compare it to the Greenlight version it look plain and short on details, not to mention the low stance still bothers me.  The first release was a black with tan interior, gold side stripes, and detailed headlights.  That was followed by yellow, red, and silver (not shown).  Most of the other variations i've passed on, but there was a few that I picked up over the years.  The next one is the 2010 K-mart version in light blue with white stripes and white PR-5 wheels.  Ironically the 2015 K-mart 69 Chevelle (not shown; pictures shown taken well before its release)is blue with white stripes as well, but with a white interior, richer blue paint, different-style graphics, and blacked-out 5-spoke wheels.  The graphics are similar to the 2015 release in flat white with blue graphics; a variation I was not expected to like but I like how the white is a flat basecoat.  Finally is the 2013 version in black with blue flames and a blue interior and blue outer rim on the wheels, which reminded me of my first Matchbox Ford Probe GT, oddly.

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Welly 1:43 1971 Chevelle, now in bright color's!

Welly 1:43 1971 Chevelle SS Convertible in dark blue

Welly does make some surprises when it comes to recolor's.  The first one was the 2007 Chevy Tahoe in Space Blue that i've never seen before.  The other is this 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS Convertible in Hugger Orange (one of my favorite GM color's) with white stripes and a white interior.  WOW!  Talk about upstaging the dark blue version!  Additional details that I added include the driver's side rearview mirror and the dual exhaust tips in silver.  This Welly has a detailed grille, headlights, stripes with cowl induction on the hood, 5-spoke wheels with narrow tires, chrome rear bumper with round taillights, and a detailed base.  The interior, now in white, stands out with fabulous details and hey at least this one has both door panels!  My only complaint: There seems to be too many 1971 SS 454 convertibles diecast out there today, all with automatics, and all nicely-done on details.  Can we get some more 'other' Chevelle models???  Aside from that this is one eye-catching 1971 Chevelle Convertible!

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