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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hot Wheels 1971 Chevy El Camino

When it comes to El Camino's, Hot Wheels tends to make them anything but stock.  This latest example is the 1971 El Camino in two different versions.

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Last of the mighty El Camino's

When I mean last of the mighty, I mean the last ones with the 454 cid big-block V8 that is unrestricted and produces 365 hp, though emissions regulations introduced in 1971 lowered the power output from 1970.  Choice of a 4-speed manual or 3-speed auto.  Both the 454 and manual would be less-likely offered in upcoming El Camino generations.  Styling was refreshed in 1971 following the Chevelle's that it's based on.  The headlights are now a single unit and are matched to relocated signal lights at the front. The rear continues on with the same look and tailgate of the 1971 Chevelle and Malibu wagon's.  The interior also shares the same driver-oriented dashboard of the Chevelle line, flanked with a bench seat.  The El Camino would survive until 1986, a surprisingly long time for a segment that started later and ended earlier than the El Camino.

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Hot Wheels, lowered

The first version came in 2010, but actually it was a few years earlier as a 1:50 G-Machines version.  This version takes the El Camino and lowers the stance, adds a cowl hood, and has dual exhausts that exit just ahead of the rear tires.  The front has the nicely-done headlights and grille with no bowtie or SS logo's (for greater flexibility in trim levels) and hood pins.  The rear has the detailed taillights and panel, though the thick paint tends to hide most of it.  The dual exhaust are visible in the otherwise plain side profile.  The bed area is limited in use thanks to the large wheel wells for the rear tires.  The interior remains stock with the correct layout, if a bit plain, dashboard and bench seat with the detailed pattern.  The base shows off the cool exhaust and comes in either metal or plastic material.

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The first version was the Garage version in 2010.  You can have yours in a race-trim deco, or in this black with gray steel wheels on rubber tires, metal base, and taillights that are a bit messy on my version. Then Hot Wheels wanted to place this one in the mainline staring in 2013 with the orange version with gold-trim 5-spoke wheels and stripes on the side, or go for the blue recolor with blacked-out wheels with yellow trim, or if you're lucky the Super TH version in metallic orange with chrome 5-spoke wheels on rubber tires.  The Elky continues in 2015 in black with pink stripes representing the Ed Pink Garage (note the logo on the doors).  This garage specializes in custom vehicles, though their website is a bit light on information at the moment.  What we don't know is how Hot Wheels manage to find this garage to make a replica for them?  Either way, it looks fantastic with an excellent paint job and graphics layout.  Just recently out, and not pictured, is the ZAMAC version from Wal-mart providing the same layout as the 2015 version, just without the black paint.

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The psycho El Camino

Then there's the other El Camino that wasn't really needed, but Hot Wheels did it anyways for a publicity stunt with the Team Hot Wheels commercials created in 2013.  While it retains the stock El Camino body, it is wildly enhanced.  The side exhaust still continue, but with a higher rake at the rear, the front has a revised dome hood with scoops, lower chin spoiler, and one less headlight for a possible turbo intake (note the red circle).  Also note the Team Hot Wheels logo on the front plate.  The sides of the bed add a side scoop to start the insane rear:  The tailgate is folded down, with detailed gold trim, then goes up to dual jet motors with intake scoops on the roof, body-molded exhaust, and clear window trim for the tube hoses.  It is wild and nicely-done! The interior is the same as the '71 El Camino, though it could use some more supportive seats to handle all of that power.  For times when the jet motors are not used, the turbo(?) V8 resides under the hood.  Thankfully this casting has not appeared much, though the all-black version from 2012 is the best. Recently it was a regular Treasure Hunt in 2014 in blue with graphics that are on the light-colored-side.

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Combine that with the '69 El Camino's V8 in the bed motor, the lowered 1980, and the inspiration for the Redlines the Custom Fleetside, it seems like Hot Wheels likes to make their El Camino's wild!

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