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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kinsmart Bentley Continental SuperSports Convertible

I’ve seen plenty of these 1:35th scale pullbacks of the Supersports from Kinsmart and Welly, but I’m not a huge Bentley fan as a few would just be enough for me.  Plus, the convertibles always have the top up (!?), that is, until I ran across this open-top blue one and found out even some more special things about this casting.

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The Continental revived the Bentley brand with a fresh face, thanks to new VW owners, in 2003.  Since then the Bentley line has revolved around the rounded look of the Continental in various models.  At first, getting a replica of one was hard (just as Matchbox), but now it seems to be a tad bit easier, but still strict on the output.  Even with the new Kinsmart 2012 Speed GT, this Supersports is much better, and yes I have reviewed the Hot Wheels Supersports coupe, but what about a convertible?  Why not, since this is my first Continental convertible casting, plus its super cool!  One thing you’ll note is the addition of a back seat, which was absent from the Supersports coupe.  It only gets better from there, with a blue cross-hatch pattern on the seats and door panels, supportive front seats with even the same bolstering at the rear seats, detailed door panels, dashboard with gauges, silver air vent rings, navigation screen in the center, and blue outline on the edge of the seats.  In addition, I also added silver to the shifter and pedals for an even more enhanced look, oh and also note the chrome lower trim panel as you open the door.  Nice!

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The exterior is just as extravagant in dark blue that looks good with the blacked-out multi-spoke wheels.  The front has smoked quad lamps with silver lenses, mesh grille, and larger brake and intercooler scoops, black lower side line, signal lights on the mirrors, and the rear with tinted taillights, Bentley plate, and lower grille with integrated chrome oval exhaust tips.  It is also interesting to note the trunklid lip spoiler and the fact that unlike other Kinsmart castings that I’ve seen, this body shape is more rounded and less like a large box, looking more like a Welly casting!

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I added silver details to the exhaust and suspension components on the base, with one odd find: Notice the rear seat is completely intact?  Very unusual for a pull-back car; that’s because it’s under the front hood!  This also requires the door latch springs to be part of the interior instead of a separate piece.  Would be cool if there was also one at the rear for true all-wheel drive function, but then again cost is everything!  The engine is a 6.0L twin-turbo W-12 (four rows of I-3’s) that is the first Bentley to also run on Biofuel, producing 621 hp. And 590 Ib-ft. of torque through a 6-speed automatic, full-time all-wheel drive system, and a sporty tuned suspension for track duty while still being acceptable for the road.

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There are times when things just don’t interest you, until one of those becomes a crown jewel of the bunch.  In that case, this Kinsmart Continental Supersports Convertible shown here was one of them.

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