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Monday, May 25, 2015

Quick Looks: Hot Wheels McLaren P1 recolor and Lamborghini Huracan

I already profiled the McLaren P1 a while ago, now it comes in a new color, but it’s so great that I decided to review it again, as is the first look with Hot Wheels version of the Lamborghini Huracan.

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As mentioned before, the P1 is the successor to the F1 and paints a stylish portrait for the McLaren line as even the 650 and 675 have adopted similar styling.  The front has the detailed, curved headlights with lower scoops for the front radiators flanking the center black mask.  The side doors have cut outs for an even smooth look to hide the rear scoops, full-width black roof with central air scoop, while the rear has curved rear fenders with a cut-out at the rear bumper with central exhausts (a piece that is part of the interior on the HW version), wrap-around LED taillight bar that is more visible on the silver, and rear spoiler that pops up at speed and used as an air brake (HW left it in the up position).  It’s gorgeous!  The 10-spoke wheels return, but now full-chrome, the base glass-smooth, and the interior bare and simple, yet still high-tech with only gauges and a central touch screen the only dash focal points.  Doors open up at a cool angle as well.  Engine is the twin-turbo 3.8L V8 that gets assist from a side-mounted electric motor to produce 903 hp. And 722 Ib-ft of torque through a 7-speed automated manual.  It’s fast, loud, though develops traction issues against a Porsche 918 Spyder.  Still, it’s a great-looking car!

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On the other side is the second-generation of the V-10-powered Lamborghini, now called the Huracan.  I praised the Gallardo when Hot Wheels released the casting in 2010, so I expect the same from the Huracan.  Compared to the previous review of the Maisto version, the HW version lacks the exterior mirrors and detailed taillights, but has everything else on par.  The front has the aggressive front-end with dual-V running lights in the headlights and twin lower scoops.  The 5-spoke wheels are larger yet still equal-sized like the Gallardo, the vent scoops become more prominent than the Gallardo, while the rear lacks the taillights, but has the Lamborghini plate and silver tips on the large dual exhaust.  In green the Huracan has a identical look to the Murcielago.

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The base does not show much, but let me direct your attention to the interior:  It’s there unlike the Maisto version!  The layout has a 3-spoke wheel with large paddle shifters, digital gauge pod, and a flat-angled dashboard with air vents and digital auxiliary gauges below the center vents.  Any information for the climate and radio appear in the gauge pods.  The red starter button has a hole to press the button without lifting the red cover.  Doors open normally compared to the Aventador.  While out back the engine bay shows off the 5.2L DOHC V-10 that produces 602 hp through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission (no traditional manual offered anymore), and through an All Wheel Drive system.  The engine details are nice, though it’s now more cramped as its covered by side covers, X-brace, and an intake piece that is part of the metal base in order to support the rear rivet mount.

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So while its missing a few details, the Hot Wheels Huracan looks pretty good and mean, while the P1 continues to show off its cool styling, though I hope to see the return to metallic colors as the orange is still the best in my opinion.

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