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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Welly 1:24 1965 Chevy Impala SS

Impala is a famed name for the Chevrolet brand, as you can see how Chevy managed to revive the name even to a new line of front-wheel drive models in 2000.  Still, the original’s from the 1960’s are the ones that are best remembered by enthusiast, including this 1965 Impala that started the new fastback coupeline for the Impala.

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From 1965 to 1968 the Impala fastback coupe looked fast and sleek, while still carrying most of the chrome seen on previous-generations.  The front has an angled front-end with chrome grille integrating a bumper, quad headlights, signal lights, and an Impala plate.  The hood has a sharp crease line with silver trim, the front fenders have the crossed flags engine emblem and Impala SS logo’s, silver lower trim, slight fender skirt over the rear wheels, and a crease that begins at the kickup of the rear fender, giving it a fastback look even with a traditional coupe roofline.  The back has detailed tri-taillights with silver rings (I added the reverse lamp details), and a chrome lower bumper with Impala name and black Impala plate.  Smothered in red (preferred over the light blue), and sitting on Rallye wheels with whitewall tires (the white lines are a separate plastic piece), this Impala looks sharp and mean!

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The hood opens up to show off the 396 CID V8 with orange block, 396 label on the air cleaner, brake master cylinder, coolant resovoir, belt and alternator, A/C hosing and evaporator housing, and even that mysterious silver bottle on the left fender that I guess is the windshield washer resovoir.  Beautifully done!  The V8 produces 375 hp. And 410 Ib-ft. of torque through a 4-speed manual in a rather big car (look at the length of the rear just after the rear wheels!).  The base shows off the upper/lower A-arm front and live axle with coil springs and track bars on a body-on-frame construction.  As you can see I added details to the suspension, drivetrain, and exhaust components which really enhanced the look of the base.  In addition, I also added detail to the front section of the frame and blue to the oil filter (look close).  Typical of older Welly castings this one uses pin axles to connect the wheels.

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The interior is a combination of sporty and premium in the same package.  The front seats have a silver outline edge, the rear seats have the detailed central speaker in silver, and the door panels have the ribbed pattern with door latches and crank handles.  The center console has the chrome shift handle, silver trim outline, and the console tachometer just ahead of the shifter.  The steering wheel has a deep-dish look with chrome trim that isn’t too excessive, the gauges has a horizontal speedometer with auxiliary gauges below, all of it surrounded by silver trim cap-ended with a left air vent and a clock on the right.  Pretty fair to say, the interior is so nicely done that I had nothing more to add to the details.  Well done!

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Despite the large size, it looks cool, sporty, sleek, and well-detailed. This folks is what car enthusiast remember the most about a Chevrolet Impala.

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