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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

SunnySide 1:32 2007 Toyota Camry XLE

How on earth can a diecast manufacturer make such a bland car like the Toyota Camry???  Well, the truth is they can, if they want, and there seems to be a polar opposite to a Camry and a Ferrari.  In the real world the Ferrari's are more rare and desirable than a common Camry, but in the diecast world the Camry is much more rarer (i'm not sure if they're desirable yet) than the common Ferrari castings.  Here's one good example from a company that's been around but barely seen, SunnySide.

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The Camry is the best-selling sedan in America, and like the Honda Accord has come a long way from it's small humble beginnings in the 1980's.  The 2007 new generation was the pinnacle of the Camry generation, arriving at a time when Toyota was posed to take over GM for top sales worldwide and for lots of new and improved features, including a Hybrid model using the same parallel hybrid techniques as the popular, second-generation Toyota Prius.  Even today the Camry still has the same three engines and still sells very well.  The Hybrid I-4 plus electric motor or the 2.4L I-4 are the fuel-efficient choices, but the new 3.5L DOHC V6 was the biggest improvement over the old V6, used in almost all Toyota products with a V6, and is still powerful and fuel efficient at the same time.  The motor produces 200 hp. and 236 Ib-ft. of torque through a 6-speed automatic (this was the last-generation to offer a 5-speed manual on 4-cylinder models-only and was a rare sight in the US).  This was the first generation of Camry's to win the Motor Trend Car of the Year in 2007.

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SunnySide is known for making really lackluster American classic cars for decades and every once in a while they'll throw out a unique curve ball.  Problem is, the company uses their logo but not their name to advertise their castings so trying to hunt one down is like finding a needle in a haystack.  So I was surprised to see their newest offering in this 2007 Toyota Camry, and it's a large car nearly reaching into the next tier scale, which is 1:24!  There are four colors, though this light blue looks very nice on this car and sits on the multi-spoke XLE trim wheels.  The front-end has the large black grille with Toyota badge dipping into the grille (this is the styling part that I do not like on these Camry's), headlights with detailed projector's, Camry plate, and lower scoops with foglights on the sides.  The side view is plain at best, but at least features rearview mirrors and a sunroof.  The rear has the separate taillights, Camry badges and plates, and oddly for a V6 model only one exhaust tips (there should be two).  I added silver detail to the signal and reverse lamp part of the taillights.

The base shows off the drivetrain components at the front and the exhaust system, with the added details of a silver Sharpie to add contrast, of course.  I like how SunnySide, unlike other companies who allow the pullback motor to cut off the details, to continue to connect the exhaust pipe under the pullback motor.  The biggest surprise, especially in this scale range, is the fact that it has an opening hood and inside you'll find the V6 engine cover in silver with surrounding details in black and despite the fact that this is just a plastic tray it looks and feels more like a 3D effect of the engine. Nice job!

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Now the interior has two faults: it's rather bland-looking, and my tester was found with the passenger seat missing and the driver's seat bouncing around loose inside.  The driver's seat was able to go back in, but in order to fill the missing front passenger seat I needed a spare seat in this scale range.  Hello spare Kinsmart SVT Ford Focus's!  Using one of these Focuses I broke off the passenger seat, place it in the Camry with some glue, and Voila!  Instant seat in the same color even though it is a tad bit smaller than the driver's seat.  The other seats have the correct pattern details, the door panels are light but are enhanced with silver trim where the power window and door lock controls are located, and the pedals get black to contrast the all-gray interior.  The dashboard is smooth and plan, with a nice if yet generic touch to the navigation system in the center, and the gauges have the proper details as well.  That wasn't enough, so I added silver trim accents on the steering wheel, the storage cubby below the nav. system, and around the shifter area.  These silver accent details break up the acres of gray in this car's interior and looks a bit more livelier.  The rear dash panel has the detailed speakers and I added the red to the third brake light even though it sits rather low in the window.

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Welly also offers a 1:43 pull-back version of the 2007 Camry as well, but for something a little more unique, larger in size, and offering a few unique features this SunnySide Toyota Camry is a better bet, providing if you can at least find one!

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