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M2 Machines 1:64 1969 Camaro RS/SS and Z-28

This is one big feast here with 1969 Camaro's from M2:  In addition to these 1:64 vehicles shown here also i'll review two, soon to be three, of the 1:24 1969 Camaro's that I have and what each one uniquely offers.  These two, as in the M2 1958 Chevy Apache trucks that I reviewed a few weeks ago, have two different ways of showing off the 1969 Camaro more than just the trim levels.

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The Camaro was built to go after the Ford Mustang even if it arrived three years too late.  Nevertheless, the Camaro and Firebird proved to be a worthy contender to the Mustang.  1969 offered more flowing curves that made the F-bodies more iconic than even the first two years.  Focused on the Camaro, you had three high-end trim levels: RS/SS, SS, or Z-28; three headlights: round external, hidden covers, or slotted hidden covers; numerous choices of motors, colors, stripes, and wheels.  RS stands for Rally Sport and was a trim package that spruced up any Camaro trim with covered headlights, revised taillights, and RS badging.  Most commonly found on the SS trim, which featured the 350 or 396 CID V8 motors that produced 300-325 hp., reverse air flow hood, special striping, SS badges, and improved handing.  The Z-28 was designed for the SCCA Trans-Am series with dual stripes over the hood and trunk, power disc brakes, and solid-lifter 302 CID V8 that produced 290 hp. and 4-speed manual.  The 1969 Camaro's had more recessed front grilles, revised taillight units, and more creased lines, plus numerous models that also included COPO's, Yenko's, and ZL-1's.

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The recent find for me is this blue 1969 RS/SS that is part of the latest Auto-Drivers release.  This means that the hood and doors do not open, so this may satisfy those who dislike the ill-fitting look of the doors and hood at the expense of extra details.  The Medium Blue looks great, though not as wild as the Carolina Blue on the 1:24 that I have, with the black hockey stripe and nice silver trim details on the sides.  The front has the hidden headlights, SS in the center, lower foglights and chin spoiler; the left headlight is poorly fitted on my example.  The hood has the cowl induction with hood clips, while the rear has a spoiler on the trunk, blacked-out panel with horizontal-slit taillights, and chrome bumpers.  The look is excellent, and the 5-spoke rally wheels with redline tires also complement the look even if they are a slight bit big.  The base is the same metal base with simple drivetrain components and separate rear axle piece to allow larger tire units.  I must say after a while you began to appreciate this low-end M2 Camaro casting with its lack of few flaws and excellent details.

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But for more, there's the higher-end model like this Detroit Muscle version in Hugger Orange with white stripes Z-28.  The front has a larger grille with Z-28 logo's and round headlights that seem awkwardly-done on this casting, similar trim details, similar cowl hood, rear spoiler, and taillights without the blacked-out panel at the rear.  The wheels are the rallye wheels design in chrome with white-lettered tires.  As you can see here more quality-control issues abound with the large gaps in the doors and the hood that does not close flush, along with the left-taillight that sits crooked (and moves around in the socket).  The doors open up to show the angled dashboard with gauges, radio, 2-spoke steering wheel, floor shifter, and bucket front seats.  It lacks additional details, so this would look better with the doors closed than with them open (and to make it more interesting the Auto-Drivers version has a taller Hurst-like shifter over the stubby one in the orange Z-28).  Finally, the hood opens up to a simple engine block in silver with black air filter; not as thrilling as the more in-depth detailed engines of recent M2 releases in 1:64.

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So far these 1969 Camaro castings are nice and unique (one was done as a I-6 base model), but for more finer detailing wait until I review the 1:24 1969 Camaro's that M2 has later this year!

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  1. A few things you missed; there's 2 different rear spoilers on these cars. The blue car has the early production "short" spoiler. All early 1969 Camaro ordered with a rear spoiler where fitted with the 1968 spoiler. These "short" spoilers do not go all away across the rear section. I believe that in March of 1969 all Camaro spoilers where now the "long" spoiler. You can actually see the differences in both your photos above of each cars rear end photos. Also the orange car has the optional RS option with the hideaway headlights. This grill happens to be our optional RS grill with the headlights in the "open" position. Everyone else produces the grill in the closed position. Yes we also have the closed grill. Also note that the orange car has rear bumper guards on the back bumper. All 1969 Camaro Z/28 cars came standard with rear bumper guards. We also have the option to put on front bumper guards. Both our 1/64 and 1/24 scale Camaro castings have more detail and options than anyone else. Thanks, Sean