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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Matchbox GHE-O Rescue

One of the most unheard of all-terrain vehicle out there today is the GHE-O Rescue.  Never heard of it?  Neither have I, but thanks to Top Gear and the internet we now know more about this Romanian-built SUV, or whatever you want to call it.

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One thing's for sure it looks a lot like a Hummer wagon from the outside, yet with a taller stance and a shorter hood.  The front has a hoodline that looks like something that came off of the batmobile and even cresses into the front split windshield.  The front end lacks fenders for great approach angles, round headlights with LED strip below them and just incase you try to confuse this with any Matchbox generic off-road vehicle the name GHE-O is stamped into the front bumper.  The sides have angled doors with GHE-O and Rescue badges on the sides, large blacked-out off-road tires, and even exterior mirrors casted into the front fenders.  On the right-rear side of the truck you can see a pass-through for a gurney to be stored in the back area of the vehicle.  The rear section is a plastic piece with a central door, ladder to access the roof, two fuel canteen's, and taillights.  GHE-O also makes other off-road vehicles that look more like custom Baja creations while the Rescue kinda looks odd with the wagon roof tied to the rather short front.

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The interior is, sadly nonexistent with blacked-out windows.  In the real vehicle the dashboard has a layout similar to a tractor-trailer or fire engine with numerous switches, most of them for stuff like the front winch, locking differentials, lights, and others.  Seating is crazy as this truck can sit five people in one row, front and back!  This truck is surely ready for any emergency occasion.  Underneath the GHE-O has front and rear axles that lock with independent suspension like a racing truck to allow unlimited wheel travel.  Engine choices are not specified but range from two gas V8's and a diesel V8 motors backed by a 9-speed automatic transmission; for a truck this size the diesel makes sense.  However, it has been noted that the V8 gas motors can move this truck with the sheer speed of a sports car in an estimated 4-second range!

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It's a wild truck, yet I believe if it wasn't for the GHE-O stamped in the front bumper most would mistaken this realistic truck for just another generic Matchbox vehicle.

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