Monday, December 7, 2015

Back again!

Well in a few weeks i'll be back doing some more posts on what's been new in the past few months.  Since then i've been:

  • Going through some challenging half-semester classes at school this semester, so all of that time took away from doing a few blog articles.  Now i'm almost done and getting some spare time back.
  • Got a new camera, and for those who were curious I was using the HP digital camera HP Photosmart R840, which was ten years old, falling apart, catching some blurry pictures on purpose (even with the right distance for the picture to come out right), and as of the Euro Car show in Greenville back in October started to shut off automatically.  Time for a new camera:  This time its a Nikon COOLPIX P530 digital camera that works great, requires no flash even indoors (some blur still occurs doing it this way) and has a flash, provides better-quality pictures, and so far is working great.  The only problem I have is the battery is not large enough to support many picture taking and you can't use the camera while charging, and there some small adjustments to make when first turned on but otherwise its doing a fantastic job!
  • Finally at last selling most of my collection that i've been trying to do for several years now!  I have about half of my collection sold by the end of this year and plan to finish it off next year.  While I was doing the work of prepping for shipping, pictures for Ebay, weight, price starting, I also took a few pictures as a reference later on for future blog articles and saving them to storage devices, so even with the vehicles long gone I can still talk more about them.
Also i've been getting a lot of good diecast vehicles over the past few months, but it will take a lot of time to go through most of them and will probably be ones that I got a while ago and out of order, but I will try to combine them and make the best ones come out first.   Just wanted to give you readers a heads up on what I was doing since the last post was listed and what to expect in the coming weeks.


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