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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hot Wheels 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor and Greenlight 2015 F-150 vs. 2015 Chevy Silverado

Last year the only replica of the new 2015 Ford F-150 came from Hot Wheels.  Now it's 2016 and more F-150's start coming out.  Here's two examples, with Hot Wheels added again with the 2017 Raptor and Greenlight rounding out the Big 3 modern American pickups with the 2015 Ford F-150.  All of these trucks are extended cabs contradictory to the crew cab trucks that have been more popular and more common today, especially at Greenlight where the Ram and Silverado are crew cab trucks.  Speaking of Silverado just as the F-150's arrived so did the Chevy Silverado in stock and police versions against the F-150 in stock and police (actually, fire and City Works) versions.

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2017 F-150 Raptor

With the popularity of the previous-generation Raptor it was bound to happen again in the new aluminum-bodied generation of F-series trucks, and so it is the 2017 SVT Raptor.  While Revell was first with their 1:24 model kit, this Hot Wheels version is the first for the smaller 1:64 line.  It starts with a stealthy look with blue paint and blacked-out wheels, with the Hot Wheels new off-road wheels working great with this casting.  Compared to last year's F-150 there is a difference between the two: the Raptor is taller, uses a supercab over a super crew cab, has wider tires and bigger fender flares, and the sunroof is smaller.  The front has the C-shaped headlights with gray grille that is part of the base with FORD letters inside the grille and a revised bumper with smaller corners for better approach angles.  The fenders really flare out on the sides and are accompained by flared lips that are part and running boards that are part of the base.  The doors get a diagonal Raptor logo, while the hood has a vent that is part of the interior piece.

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The rear has the flared taillights with FORD letters on the tailgate and a smaller bumper with one major improvement: dual exhausts!  Despite the smaller cab the bed area is about the same size as the super crew version, but it still hauls a lot either way.  The taller ground clearance adds to the aggressive look, but the wheels are a bit too wide and I can see axles bending from excessive use during play time.  The base does not offer much aside from the exhaust and the advertisement of company information in the center.  The interior has the same layout as the F-150 with front bucket seats that are a little more supportive, center console with the shift lever, and dash layout that is pretty good but lacks the full detail as in the Greenlight castings.  The rear seat seems more upright and lacks the headrests. The engine is now a 3.5L DOHC twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 that produces 450 hp. and 450 Ib-ft. of torque through the first 10-speed automatic transmission and the usual 2-speed transfer case with underbody protection and Fox racing shocks on all four wheels. Overall this is a great fit for the Hot Wheels line and despite being close to the 2015 super crew version it will have no problem distinguishing itself.

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Greenlight 2015 F-150 supercab

This was a long-overdue model: if you look up Greenlight 2009 Ford F-150 on Google you can find a few images showing a prototype casting of the 2009 F-150 that Greenlight was originally going to release in 2010, but at the last minute the casting was cancelled.  Nowadays at Greenlight there is a greater need for the F-150 with the Hitch and Tow series to tow trailers and for various work liveries as well.  The 2015 F-150 comes in with some unique features, some of them you will see in future releases like a front snow plow and a ladder rack over the bed with a removable ladder.  The red one is a loose one that I got from a First Cut dissected set in XLT trim with FX4 off-road package.  The front has the C-shaped headlights with the outline LED light line, blacked-out grille with Ford logo extending down to the plastic bumper with integrated foglights. The sides have the F-150 logo, running boards, trademark downward kink on the front doors to make the exterior mirrors visible, running boards, and FX4 on the rear fenders.  The major difference between this and the Ram and Silverado is the supercab layout: instead of four full-size doors it gets two rear half doors that can be only opened when the front doors are opened.

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The rear has flared taillights with reverse lamp and LED outline, F-150 badge on a tailgate that lacks the silly silver trim found on the Platinum trimmed models, detailed bumper with black step area, and an exhaust system that is at least visible, unlike the Silverado where it is missing.  The 6-spoke wheels with gray spokes look realistic and are nicely detailed.  The metal base has more details than the Silverado with the drivetrain, engine, transmission, driveshaft, fuel tank, and exhaust system properly placed.  As you can see the base has holes at the rear to prep itself for future Hitch and Tow duty.  The interior has more detail with front and rear seats that all feature head restraints and seat patterns, detailed door panels, and the 4-spoke steering wheel with the dashboard showing the detailed controls, air vents, and center console with shifter.  Compared to the Hot Wheels version this interior feels more complete and very accurate for a Greenlight casting.

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Unlike the Silverado and like the Ram, the F-150 is also ready to don the XL work truck trim, as shown in the red Arlington Heights, Illinois Public Works truck.  The front grille and bumper are now black, and the headlights have a black frame outline as XL models do not have the tube LED lights found on higher-end trim levels.  The running boards and rear bumper are also black, the roof gets strobe lights, Arlington Heights door badges, and 6-spoke steel wheels.  Now the Hot Pursuit Forestry Service version has the added front push bumper but wears the Ram's 5-spoke Tradesman steel wheels instead of the correct 6-spoke Ford steelies found on the FDNY and Arlington Heights versions.  The cargo area in the bed best both the Ram and Silverado, and even with the large toolbox in the public works truck there is still enough room to haul cargo.  Strangely, the rear windows on the public works F-150 are tinted, but they are not on the stock XLT version.

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F-150 vs. Chevy Silverado 1500 vs. Ram 1500

Now for the 2015 Silverado: so far, the only version that I reviewed was the All-Terrain version with the revised front bumper and lifted suspension.  Like the XLT F-150 the blue Silverado was also a loose one from the First Cut series.  The blue looks nice, if only everyone else didn't use this same color already!  The front has a chrome grille with the detailed headlights and black grille slots, but now at least the stock bumper hides the lower chin spoiler and adds foglights.  The sides have detailed door trim and square wheelwells that house the chrome 5-spoke wheels with some rather large tires.  The rear has Z71 badges, taillights, gold bowtie and Silverado badges, and chrome bumpers with black steps.  The bed area is compatible with the Ram and is more useable now that the roll hoops are gone, oh and remember the mysterious Chevrolet name on the bed edges?  In now another color than black the name is actually part of the bed cap protectors on all Silverado's  The interior features seating for five, a center console with a deep storage area and plenty of outlets for USB charging.  The dashboard has a 4-spoke steering wheel and a center infortainment system, but the dashboard looks plain compared to the Ram or F-150.

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The newest addition is the Police package that adds a front push bumper, roof strobe light bar, and 4x4 replaces the Z71 badges at the rear.  Apparently this is not designed to be a multi-purpose truck like the Ram and Silverado as the police truck still wears the same 5-spoke wheels and the front bumper still has the foglights like the stock Z71 model.  This silver version is the Chevrolet Police version (like the Ram's Ram Law) and expect to see more later on.  Of course a few had quality control issues: the Public Works F-150 has a front headlight on the left that does not fit flush thanks to the leftover flash on the clear lens and one corner of the driver's side running board that does not want to stay with the base.  The Police Silverado, meanwhile, looks like it had some action going on as the rear bumper looks pushed in.  Otherwise everyone else was fine.

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Now I already did a comparo with the Ram, Silverado, and F-150 before using Greenlight, Matchbox, and Hot Wheels castings with equal cab sizes.  The Ram won that comparo.  Now how about a quick one as all Greenlight castings?  The Ford and Ram would tie for exterior and functionality categories because both are nicely done and offer varying degree of models, wheel choices, and accessories.  The interior category goes to the Ram for more room and more up-to-date technologies.  Engine category goes to the Ram for the most powerful and fuel-efficient, but the lighter Ford (which uses the 5.0L V8 and 6-speed automatic) has no problem getting up to speed and wins the acceleration, braking, and handling tests.  The pricing category would be hard as all three are very close, but in starting prices the Ram and F-150 tie this category.  In the end the 2015 Ford F-150 wins this category thanks to a lighter weight that overcomes the powerful, but heavier Ram.

For Reference, GL Ram 1500:

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The addition of these two F-150's to the Hot Wheels and Greenlight line are a perfect fit: they don't tread on any existing castings in the line, nor do they tread on any other diecast manufacturer's similar castings, and both have enough functionality and details to keep them attractive for years to come.


  1. Would you happen to know if the HW's Raptor will be issued another color or two this year?

    1. Not sure yet, though it is possible to see a recolor this summer. Also Maisto announced a 1:24 (more like 1:27) scale version of the 2017 Raptor to be offered later this year in blue and silver.