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Monday, May 9, 2016

A bunch of red Chevy trucks: Jada Toys 1955 Stepside, 1972 Cheyenne, and 1985 C-10

As much as the Just Trucks series in Jada Toys has some really nice truck details for every wave release, I rarely get close to the whole set as I usually get one or two on occasion.  This time was different as the Cheyenne and C-10 Chevy Trucks arrived in the same release as the Nissan Titan, so I just about got 1/2 of the Just Trucks release!  The 1955 stepside arrived in the previous year, but it got my attention to its clean paint job in an attractive red with white bumpers.  Now all three have similar treatment: red paint, clean looks, and the only decals are the ones found on the actual vehicle.

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1955 Chevy Stepside

The first truck to get the nice red color was the Chevy Stepside pickup.  The Chevy truck got this redesign in 1955, giving it more car-like styling, comfort, and the first V8 engine: a 383 CID V8 with a Hydramatic automatic transmission.  Also new was the fiberglass Cameo pickup bed.  This Jada version looks really good in the red paint that swathers all over the vehicle.  The front has detailed headlights, a billet grille, and pinstriping on the edge of the hood.  The white bumper also integrates the driving lights and winch.  The sides are nice and clean on the cab, then leads to the stepside bed that, like most Jada Trucks at this scale, has a tonneau cover to hide the missing bed.  The rear has CHEVROLET on the tailgate in white and a white bumper.  The interior has a car-like design with V-shaped gauges, 3-spoke steering wheel, bench seat for three, and detailed door panels.  The chrome wheels on chunky rubber tires, axles, and suspension is similar to all other Just Trucks models.  This is a stylish truck that is not afraid to go off-road; if you had to do this on an actual 1955 Chevy truck it would require aftermarket installation as the 4x4 system is not available from the factory until 1959.

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1972 Chevy Cheyenne

One of the biggest turnarounds for a Jada casting is this 1972 Cheyenne pickup.  When it was first released in the Dub City line I was not impressed with the lowered stance.  When it was the first of six to debut in the new Just Trucks line it was impressive: orange paint with white side stripe, plus it looks good in the jacked up 4x4 stance.  Since then the Cheyenne was a staple of the Just Trucks line and every one of them was impressive: never leaned far from stock and always in impressive colors.  The latest release comes in red with silver trim detailed on the sides of the long bed truck with clean door handles.  The front has white headlights with chrome grille and a black bumper with driving lights and winch.  The rear has detailed taillights, silver bumper with dual exhausts, and CHEVROLET on the tailgate in black, and as usual just a tonneau cover over the bed.  Also note the nifty details like silver around the exterior mirrors.  The interior features the clean dashboard layout with two-spoke steering wheel, tri-gauges right behind, glove box to the right, and radio and optional HVAC controls in the center.   The 350 CID V8 and 3-speed automatic work in tandem with the part-time transfer case and front and rear live axles to give this truck the right stance and the ability to go anywhere.  Plus, it looks good alongside the 1955 stepside pickup.  For those who are wondering Cheyenne is a trim package that slotted just above the base model for Chevy trucks between the 1960's to the early 1990's.

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1985 Chevy C-10

Hmmm, this looks awfully familiar to the Hot Wheels version, correct?  Well, sort of, but this C-10 does have that look as it was first a lowered version that premiered around 2007 and was not used often after that.  Like the Titan the C-10 makes its first debut in the new Just Trucks line and the first time it is lifted.  To makes things interesting it gets the same clean look as the others, but instead of red it uses the darker metallic red paint job with Silverado badges on the front fenders, bringing back memories of when the Hot Wheels 1983 Chevy Silverado first debuted in the Modern Classics line in 2008.  The front has a blacked-out grille with headlights that blend into the grille and a center bar where there's enough room for the gold bowtie logo.  The front bumper guard might not have a winch or driving lights, but it sure does look good on this truck.  The sides are nice and clean on the boxy design, and note the separate bed and cab design that, unfortunately, makes for a bent banana effect.  The rear is clean and smooth: no bumper and barely a hint of taillights, with CHEVROLET on the tailgate.  The bed has a tonneau cover, and it uses the same axles, suspensions, and V8 that the other trucks use to give this truck the needed momentum to go anywhere (just like the Hot Wheels lifted version of the '83 Silverado).  However, unlike the other trucks whose retains the stock interior setup, this one uses a custom setup with bucket seats, tall center console, and a dashboard that is custom-made, but still has the driver-oriented setup of the stock dashboard.

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Talk about one group of 'cherry' red pickup trucks from Chevrolet:  All lifted, nicely done, and void of any wild graphics.  Now that's a set!

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Update 7/19/2016:  In Wave 11 the next recolor for the 1985 Chevy C-10 Pickup is in this awesome blue color!

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