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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Greenlight 2015 Ford F-150 and 2015 Nissan GT-R

Ok now i'm back from the long wait to continue looking into the new 2015 Ford F-150.  Since the last article there has been quite a few variants released over the past few months, and nothing starts the next one like the all-important-for-a-truck Hitch and Tow series.  Even though the first release in the series comes with a flatbed, it's not empty for this review as another new casting joins the fray in the Greenlight line; one that no one would possibly predict Greenlight would make: the Nissan GT-R

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The Ford and the Trailer

The F-150 may or may not be your styling interest, but give credit to Greenlight for making this casting very decent despite not going for the supercrew cab style.  It already ranks up there with the Ram for various trim, wheels, and bed configurations (and is still continuing), far better than the lackluster Chevy Silverado which does not offer much variety.  This first release in the Hitch and Tow line starts with a nice dark brown color and uses the sharp gray 6-spoke wheels that I reviewed on the red F-150, but this time it uses the chrome front grille and bumpers for the first time.  The C-shaped headlights, grille details, window trim, and taillights are well-executed.  The interior has lots of great details, though now harder to see with deeper tint to the windows.  Cargo carrying capacity is the best among the modern Greenlight Big 3 trucks, which was a good thing considering the ramps for the trailer on my tester refused to swing up, resorting to the bed during transport.  As usual the detailed frame has a slot at the rear for the trailer hitch to tow the flatbed trailer with wood floor and white trim elsewhere.  The F-150 maneuvers much better than the Chevy and Dodge with its slightly smaller length and has no problem toting the trailer around.

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The bad, black GT-R

Ok, now for the newer material in a car that no one, not even me, would think Greenlight would do: the Nissan GT-R.  For one Greenlight does not have one car from the Nissan/Infiniti brand, and two despite the addition of imports to the line this is still a very small group.  The GT-R also arrives against stronger competition from other diecast manufacturers who've made either nice or nicer versions, so how can Greenlight top that?

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First, this is the latest GT-R after Nissan has given many fine upgrades to the Godzilla supercar.  This car looks best in the Black Bandit trim decked out in all-black look, which I hoped covered up some imperfections that I saw on the pre-production shots on Greenlight's website.  As it turns out the casting looks far better than I had imagined.  The front has the wedge-shape headlights with clear lens to give it a menacing look, combined with a detailed grille with GTR badge, silver trim below, and LED running lights on the sides of the bumper.  The hood has dual hood scoops, blending down to the side fenders with the side scallop highlighted by the silver trim.  Ironically for a Greenlight casting this one does not have exterior mirrors when it likely could exist.

The rear shows off one of the most accurately-detailed rear spoiler for a 1:64 GT-R casting that has all the right shapes and curves.  Down below are the iconic quad taillights and just below those large quad exhaust with silver tips.  The biggest question was the wheels:  They are the correct multi-spoke wheel design, but are the tires the typical steamroller design of most Greenlight cars?  Turns out not really and they in fact fit the car very nicely.  I just recently saw the red version in the Motor World line and just like the Black Bandit version it looks just as sharp.  The base is metal on this version and doesn't show much, but then again thanks to aero aids on the real car it's the same way too.  The interior has the bolstered front seats with the correct unique shape of the gap below the headrests, the rear seats, and the center console that is missing the shifter.  The 3-spoke wheel and dashboard layout is nicely done, with the only problem found in the dashboard really pressing up against the windshield.

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The powertrain is the twin-turbocharged 3.8L DOHC V6 that produces 545 hp and 463 Ib-ft of torque to the rear-mounted 6-speed automated manual with an additional driveshaft to connect to the front wheels for the all-wheel drive setup.  0-60 takes 2.7 seconds, and from what I found out doing a sample test track of this casting it is just as fast and, surprisingly, glass smooth (an uncommon trait for Greenlight castings).  Corners hard, brakes short, it really feels like the real car!  So despite my odds Greenlight did a knockout with the Nissan GT-R, and it goes well hand-in-hand on a trailer towed by the new Ford F-150.

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