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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Greenlight All-Terrain Comparison: 2015 Ford F-150 vs. 2014 Chevy Silverado vs. 2014 Ram 1500

Greenlight didn't stop there:  Next stop for the new Ford F-150 was to lift the truck up and place in into the new All-Terrain series.  In the same premiere release, the Chevy Silverado and Ram 1500 come back for another recolor, and for time to battle with the Ford F-150.  Let's see how this plays out.

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The Ford F-150

The F-150 in stock form was already pretty capable off-road, but once again more is needed so to live up to the FX4 badges on the rear fenders the truck was given a lift by adding a metal axle to the base (just like the other trucks), and graces chrome off-road wheels that the other trucks share (and the first time the wheels were chromed for the All-Terrain release on the Ford and Chevy) to give it a more aggressive stance.  The dark gray color and subtle graphics on the hood and sides blend in with the chrome grille and bumpers, and even the running boards do not impede on the new lift.  Oddly enough it is the only truck in this group that has not one off-road accessory, whether front bumper, rear bumper, or bed rollbar add-ons that the other two have (that may change in future variations).  Other than that it has all of the things that I like about this casting, from the detailed interior, to the large bed area, to the nimble handling even with the lifted stance.  This truck feels really solid to challenge the other two.

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The Chevy Silverado

The first release of the Silverado was in the All-Terrain series where the lifted stance and accessories really set this truck off, and add that to the black and yellow paint and it was a looker to.  Too bad the rest of the stock Silverado's couldn't pull this off in the Greenlight line.  Now for the encore the lifted Silverado takes a different stance: The paint is one solid red color with the usual stock trim details, and the wheels, front and rear grille, and bed rollbar is chromed out.  This representation gives the Chevy a more stock look compared to the radical first release in the All-Terrain series.  I still think the front bumper, while cool, looks rather odd on this truck with the lower air dam still in place.  The body lines are nicely done, but this casting has not much variety compared to the Ford or Ram.  The bed area, like the Ram, is limited due to the rollbar and the interior is just as roomy as the Ram.  Performance is lackluster despite carrying fewer pounds than the Ram, but it does make up for it with the highest ground clearance of the bunch, even beating the Ford by a few millimeters.  It's also worth noting that approach and departure angles are the best in the group as well.  Despite the bland Silverado lines I still think the All-Terrain version is the more attractive version of the Silverado.

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The Ram 1500 in Big Horn trim

The Ram is the veteran of the group with numerous variations, more interior space, more cargo space, and more gear in the All Terrain series.  This latest release goes for the all-blue look even donning blue wheels to boot.  This is the second release of a Big Horn trimmed Ram, which means in addition to the front grille and bumpers the front and rear accessories are also chromed out as well, as is the bed rollbar.  The Ram is clean except for a carbon-fiber pattern on the Challenger-style hood scoop.  The front push bumper does not impede on the bumper space or approach angles, while the rear tailgate that holds the gas cans and spare tire does add some length to the truck (it swings to the side when you want the tailgate to go down on the real version).  The Ram has a roomy and up-to-date interior, good power, and the only truck with coil springs on all four wheels (which can be substituted for air springs).  The Ram has a lot of weight to carry around, but nevertheless it gets the job done.

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So after this brief comparison it was time to pick the winner of the group:  Third place goes to the Chevy Silverado: it has the best ground clearance and looks better lifted, but it's still a typical truck that really does not break new ground.  Second place goes to the Ram 1500 Big Horn: Lots of useful features and detail touches, though all of that adds weight and length, making it hard to beat the winner: the Ford F-150: despite not having much in the way of off-road content it still looks good and is better to maneuver than any other truck in the group.  Looks like the new Ford F-150 will fit into this All-Terrain line very nicely.

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