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Friday, May 6, 2016

Hot Wheels 1969 Ford Torino Talladega and 1969 Mercury Cyclone

Speaking of Torino, an interesting observation is the Hot Wheels version of the 1969 Ford Torino Talladega, and its platform mate the 1969 Mercury Cyclone.  They sure as heck do not look a lot alike as each one has its own stance and looks and each car was released about five years apart, so how are these to related?

From Torino to Cyclone

In the pursuit to win back wins in NASCAR from the Charger Daytona and Superbird MOPAR aero cars Ford needed to go to the next step making their own cars more aerodynamic to defeat the enemy with the new Talladega and Cyclone for 1969.  The front-end is extended with a flush grille and quad headlights, and interestingly enough a front-bumper that is the rear bumper that is modified to fit to the front.  The fastback roofline remains, as does the coke-bottle rear fenders.  The Mercury goes less extreme but also has a smooth grille with quad headlights, but the grille is more deeply-recessed into the front-end, and the bumper also follows the same contour.  The Cyclone also shares the fastback roofline and coke bottle rear fenders as does the Talladega.  Even the C-pillar three slashes are similar, though in its first release they are detailed in silver on the Talladega.

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There are differences, however, as the hood scoop remains on the Cyclone as the Talladega has a smoother look; on the first release in blue the hood in black has a nice carbon fiber-like texture to the hood.  Note the interesting center bulge on the Talladega's hood.  The Ford has a more radical taillight design with square lamps, center gas cap, and dual exhausts, while the Mercury makes do with typical slotted taillights and dual exhausts that is indented in the rear bumper.  While they share the same wheels the Torino sits too low (a big complaint about this casting); great for racing, but not as an overall street car.  The Mercury resolves this issue with a more proper stance.  Both cars have the same base details with the typical drivetrain and exhaust routing, and also the details on the front bumper mounts as well.  The power under the hood for the Talladega is the 429 CID Boss V8 from the Boss Mustang to produce 375 hp and 450 Ib-ft of torque through a 3-speed automatic transmission.  The Cyclone uses a 428 Cobra Jet V8 that produces 335 hp through a 3-speed automatic transmission.

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The interior's are different as the Torino uses a dashboard where the gauges float on the upper portion of the dashboard behind the two-spoke steering wheel with a column shifter.  What this means that the Torino can seat six people with bench seats front and rear.  The Cyclone has the gauges recessed into the dashboard to an otherwise similar layout.  Also it has bucket seats, console, and floor shifter for the front seats.  The blue and red of the 2008 release are still very nice despite the lowered stance of the car, but the new release in white with the 76 Union gas decals and grayed-out 5-spoke wheels that makes the car look ready for the wide oval track.  The Cyclone goes for a traditional look with orange paint and black stripes and Cobra Jet logo's.  I was skeptical of the 2016 release in blue with flames, but the color is very nice (a metallic light blue) and the flames are a bit subdued, but would still look good without the flames.

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So despite the differences these are definitely blood brothers as both share the same look, (almost) the same engine, and the same interior.  The only difference is how Hot Wheels executed each one, and most probably want the Torino Talladega to have a ride height more like the Cyclone.

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