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Friday, May 6, 2016

Hot Wheels Custom 2005 Ford Mustang GT

You can never have enough Mustangs...or maybe you can.  Then again, when is one enough already???  That is the question among many collectors, those aiken to look forward to something new and different, like a car that they never seen in diecast come true one day, only to see another muscle car, or Mustang, especially one seen many times before.  This seems like the same scenario for this 2005 Ford Mustang GT: Hot Wheels has a lot of them, so why this one?

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This car is based on the 2015 SEMA version at the Hot Wheels booth.  It is an, um, drifter?  race car?  who knows.  Heck, who knows what's under the hood or the horsepower as there's not enough information provided, but at least the look of the smaller scale version is spot-on to the real car.  What this Hot Wheels casting has is a few unique tricks that will likely appear on more castings in the future.  The blue with orange windows looks cartoonish, but in fact it looks really nice on this car.  The front has ditched the grille and the prancing pony, the lower bumper, and makes the headlights more exposed; the latter is part of the window trim and in orange on black paint looks menacing on this car!  The lower bumper now incorporates an intercooler and an adjustable lower splitter; of course, Hot Wheels adaptation of sloping the chin up for track duty on Hot Wheels sets has ruined a lot of potential castings, including this one.  But not so fast:  The lower spoiler can click down in the normal position to satisfy collectors, and can retract up when its time for track duty.  Already a few other castings use this feature but this is the first for a realistic model.  Expect more to come in the future.  On the sides the lower rocker is removed, the fenders flared, the wheels mismatched color-wise (gray front, orange rear), rear 1/4 windows covered up, and only the driver's door gets a racing patch for a number to be applied.

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The rear has more modifications to make this look less like a Mustang:  The spoiler is taller and adjustable, the taillights are smaller, more reminiscent of the 1965-1966 Mustang taillights, and part of the window trim; the faux gas cap replaced with a spoiler support; and the rear bumper is all gone replaced with an adjustable unit with higher-mounted dual exhausts.  Definitely a wild Mustang!  The interior is designed for racing as only a driver's seat remains; the passenger seat removed for typical racing gear like the relocated battery and fire extinguisher, while the rear seat removed for light weight and to insert a rollcage.  The twin-pod dashboard remains, stripped of radio and HVAC controls (for toggle switches), shifter without a console, and 3-spoke racing wheel.  Whether you like it or not this is one interesting Mustang.  Not one of my favorite Mustang's, but at least this one has a unique look of its own.  Now just to figure out what it is used for; and if you think that's crazy enough for a Mustang, wait until you see what Matchbox has cooking up for a vintage Mustang.  More to come later...

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