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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Welly 1:24 Audi's, part 1: 2008 Audi A4 sedan

This is a three-part series that examines three flavors of Audi's from Welly's 1:24 scale line.  These three really bring out the look and sportiness of the Audi brand, and still look good here.  First up is the A4 sedan.

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The A4 sedan in 2008 was a big change from previous A4's as the new one was shared with the new A5 coupe/convertible, meaning no more A4 coupe/convertibles, and along the development the coupe needed the proper hood stance so the engine which has always hugged past the front axle now sits above the axle.  This translates to better handling than the past A4's and a better look to the car as well: aiding the engine relocation is also the extended wheelbase that pushes the wheels out to the corners of the car.  Styling of the A4 also follows the A5's sleek coupe profile.  The engine under the hood of this Welly version is a 3.2L DOHC V6 with the famed "please loose the engine cover" look of Audi's longitudinal engine layout.  The mill produces 265 hp. and 330 Ib-ft of torque through a proper 6-speed manual transmission and the always-on Quattro all-wheel drive system.  The engine details are fantastic with the silver block, air cleaner housing that connects to the silver intake, and coolant resovoir, though the red spark plugs are missing here.

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Now the base shows off the front and rear suspension setup, the exhaust system, and the all-wheel drive components, though when I added silver details to the appropriate areas it really stands out!  The wheels are attached to pin axles and have nicely-done 5-spoke wheels with center spider caps that give the car the needed sporty look.  The brake calipers and rotors are behind each wheel, yet the caliper's do not stand out so I added some black to make them pop out from the wheels.  The exterior of the A4 is a mixed bag: it's sporty, but the rest of the car looks rather bland and color selections should be more than just black and white.  The front has the square headlights with LED running lights of the A5 with the large center grille in black with chrome Audi rings, A4 plate, and lower foglights.  The sides are typical Audi smooth, leading to a smoother rear-end with taillights that recall the current Jetta, and dual exhaust tips just below.

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The interior is always a strong suit for Audi bringing a mix of sport and technology together.  The 4-spoke steering wheel sits ahead of gauges that are a bit spread apart than usual.  I added silver to the pedals, but Welly has beat me to the rest of the car with silver trim on the door panels and the center console where the shifter lies next to the starter button and knob for Audi's MMI interface.  The center screen is, well, rather small to use the MMI interface.  The front seats have a bit of bolstering, while the rear seats are just a plain as a current Jetta, again.

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Despite a lousy color selection and a few bland spots this Audi A4 really does bring the sport in the sports sedan premium category and is a worthy contender to the new 2012 BMW 335i sedan (but not the really bland and outdated 2007 3-series sedan that I found sitting next to the white Audi).

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  1. I can't imagine why Welly didn't put sunroofs in these cars with their beautifully-detailed but low-vis black interiors and the fact that the real cars are almost never not equipped with sunroofs.