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Monday, June 27, 2016

M2 Machines 1970 Ford F100 Custom 4x4

It was bound to happen: After last year's introduction of the 1969 Ford F100 pickup M2 Machines made a special SEMA show Auto-Hauler set that has the two new Ford Truck castings in the set: the 1970 Ford LCF and on the trailer is an off-road ready F100.  It took a while but the 4x4 is finally here celebrating the 4th of July in the U.S.

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Ten years after the 4x4 system was finally a factory option straight from the factory for both Ford and GM pickups the F100 4x4 is a popular choice for those who want to go anywhere and need a truck to handle that.  Also by then the Dodge Power Wagon has morphed from a World War II pickup to a Dodge D-100 with the 4x4 stance and setup to challenge the Ford and Chevy.  Unlike today's trucks the original 4x4's were vastly different than the 2WD counterparts and usually without the typical creature comforts.  This black F100 was part of the M2 Auto-Patriots line and was a very popular truck.  The regular cab, long bed design still continues with a large pickup bed and right-side lower toolbox on the side of the bed, though the bed retreats to the one without the stake pocket holes.  The black look makes this truck look even more rugged with the 4x4 lift, and that lift gives a whole new look to the F100 casting.

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The front has the chrome grille with split black eggcrate design, round headlight, right-side signal light that was poorly printed (I fixed it with an orange Sharpie), and bumper pads on the front bumper.  Black also hides the large gap between the grille and hood, which sports visible letters and side marker lights.  The sides have detailed trim and 63 numbers on the doors, while the bed area is naked except for the Custom logo on the rear fenders.  The rear has detailed taillights, silver trim and FORD letters, and rather flaky paint and chrome texture on the rear parts.  The interior has a nice blue setup with the same dashboard layout and silver gauges as the other F100's, but as a first sports bucket front seats instead of the bench seats, though no transfer case shift lever is to be found.

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The hood opens to reveal the 289 CID V8 with its blue engine block, separate radiator and coolant resovoir tanks nicely done, but the biggest change is below with the front I-beam suspension replaced with the live axle and leaf springs, while the rear axle also gets taller leaf springs and the transfer case is located rather far back just behind the cab.  What I don't get is the two tall posts just ahead of the front axle: what is the purpose of those things???  Finally, the stance is topped off by rugged narrow tires on black steel wheels that surprisingly has a small see-though slots.  The roof has the American flag, Old Glory, and the back window has Independence Day.  I would like to see what this 4x4 would look like with paint on the next Auto-Trucks line, but for now i'm very impressed with the 4x4 look and appreciate the new F-100 casting more in this setup than the 2WD stance.

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