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Matchbox Best of World 1993 Ford Mustang SSP and 1969 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

Matchbox is trying hard to attract collector's attention with the new premium line amid the cost-cutting and deprived collector's choices in the mainline at Matchbox.  The first release last year was the Supreme Heroes line that featured highly-detailed rescue vehicles with new rubber tires and wheel designs.  It was a hit at first, but poor distribution meant the line was short-lived (the second release was limited to hobby retailers) and many collectors want more than just rescue vehicles.  For 2016 the Best of World series remedies that problem with realistic castings and the return of the storage box that gave Matchbox their name.  Let's see how the new series stack up with two blue-colored vehicles of the line.

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1969 Cadillac Sedan DeVille

The Sedan DeVille was introduced in 2008 as the tribute to the large Cadillac sedan's of the late 1960's that seem often forgotted.  While the casting looks good the dimensions were a bit small for such a large car.  The DeVille gained styling elements from the new front-drive Eldorado for 1969 with similar edgy styling and quad headlights stacked horizontally.  The front grille has the eggcrate grille and quad headlights in chrome base that could use some details, while the sides adorn the silver trim and DeVille logo's on the rear fenders.  The rear fins peak up at the B-pillarless rear doors to the rear detailed taillights with Cadillac badges on the trunk.  The simple blue color follows earlier mainline releases, but with a few more details, a black roof that looks rather skimpy on this car, and rubber tires on blacked-out 5-spoke wheels with chrome center cap.  The blacked-out look hides the ill-advised wheels from a distance but are still noticeable up close, and the tires have tread patterns that look more truck-like than car-like.

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I was afraid that the black would be a two-tone that covers the top-half of the vehicle, like the 2015 mainline release in green, but in fact it was limited to the upper part of the roof.  Thank goodness!  The chrome base is still plastic and shows off some of the drivetrain and exhaust system from the 472 CID Cadillac V8 and 3-speed automatic transmission.  The interior has front and rear bench seats that seats six with lap belts provided and a dashboard that is driver-focused with all controls and gauges facing the driver.

1993 Ford Mustang SSP

The Mustang Police car was introduced in 2014 to fan fare and since my review it has been pretty frequent in the past year, and that's a good thing because that was the only recolor so far.  For 2016 two new recolors come along: a light blue one and this BOW dark blue version.  This one looks much better and like the black the dark blue better hides the front and rear bumpers that are part of the base; especially the rear bumper where there can be noticeable gaps between the body and bumper.  The front still has the clear headlights and center grille with Ford logo.  The sides have the V-shaped decal with Sheriff's logo and 6-spoke wheels blacked-out with chrome center cap and rubber tires.  The rear has the most details of this casting with detailed taillights, Ford and LX logo's, and a rear plate that says a tempting "GoForIt".

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The look is fantastic and looks much better in person than in pictures, and joining that is the base with the detailed drivetrain and exhaust system and the interior with seating for four, dashboard with radar detector and CB radio, and 5-speed manual shifter to stir the 5.0L V8 under the hood.  All-in-all it still looks good, yet I still think the lighter colors with the black base will really upset the look of this casting.  Let's hope this Mustang sticks to the darker colors.  As for the Best of World series it looks good, but it is far from great as it needs a new line of wheels and tires with smoother tread design, more realistic vehicles, and more cleaner appearances like the Matchbox Premiere models of the 1990's

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  1. Excellent excellent job, I rarely comment anyone on their posts anywhere. But your pictures and inside info on not only the cars but the build of the diecast car. Please continue and keep me posted both on here and at I d love to learn how you take your pics of the diecast s,lighting, camera, settings, etc. O can offer some knowledge on 79_04 mustangs cause I studied em for 30+ years