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Friday, December 30, 2016

Ford Mustang Performance: Hot Wheels Custom 1967 Mustang, 1992 Mustang LX, and 2014 Custom Mustang

Earlier this year Hot Wheels released a set at Wal-mart called Ford Performance, and this eight car set mostly included, you guessed it, Mustang's.  Out of the set I decided to take a look at three Mustang's, and one of them is new to me: the 2014 Custom Mustang from the movie "Need for Speed."

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Custom 1967 Mustang

One of my favorites in this set is the Custom 1967 Ford Mustang hardtop.  This casting first appeared in 2011's Garage set and since then it's been making an impression for itself in the past few releases.  This current one goes for a blue with white stripe look accented by side racing graphics and five spoke wheels.  The front has the pointed Mustang look with round headlights, grille with foglights, and lower chin spoiler.  The hood is raised with vents, while the sides have side exit exhaust.  The rear has a rear spoiler and a nicely done cove panel with tri taillights and central gascap.  The interior has bucket seats up front and two more in the rear with ribbed seat pattern and two-pod dashboard design.  The base shows off the drivetrain and the exhaust plumbing to the sides of the car.  It is one aggressive-looking Mustang that stays tried and true to the stock 1967 Mustang look, and how many replica's of a 1967 Mustang hardtop do you see nowadays?  Not many as a majority of 1967 Mustang replica's are based on the fastback bodystyle.  Adding to the classy deco makes this Mustang look nostalgic.

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1992 Ford Mustang LX

I'm not a big fan of this casting, but I do have a soft spot for this long-overdue Fox body Mustang that appeared in 2008's Modern Classic series.  This version wears silver paint with orange 5-spoke wheels.  The roof has dual black racing stripes, while the sides have racing sponsorship logo's including the Ford Performance logo.  The front has the flush headlights with small center grille and racing hood bulge.  The sides have a tall beltline with fastback profile, while the rear has the square and rectangular lamps and rear spoiler.  The interior has seating for four with the stock mustang dash layout and center console with 5-speed manual hooking up the 5.0L V8 under the hood.  The base shows off the engine, transmission, and dual exhaust layout.  It may be a bit big, but the casting handles pretty well and still looks good despite not being a GT model.  There has been plenty of better variants that I have on hand, but this one doesn't look as bad as what I originally thought.

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Custom 2014 Ford Mustang

This is the movie star from the "Need For Speed" movie that was released in the Entertainment line in 2014.  Since then it's made an appearance in a 5-pack and now this Ford Performance line.  The metal base surprisingly remains in flat black and its the only casting with a metal base in the line.  The white paint with black decals does not look racy enough, but at least the casting can show off some of its uniqueness.  The front has typical 2014 headlights, but the grille replaces the foglights with halo rings around air scoops.  The lower spoiler is more prominent and sticks out farther, while the bumper adds larger scoops and grille.  The hood has a higher hood like the Shelby GT500KR with additional scoops to feed air into the engine, while the sides add flared fenders, ground effects, and the rear quarter windows are replaced by rear brake cooling ducts.  The back has the large taillights, larger rear spoiler, and quad exhaust.

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The look would be more enhanced with front and rear lighting detail (this was before I started to add lighting details to vehicles), plus some angles of the car look rather squared off than round like the actual vehicle.  The base is similar to other Mustang castings from 2010-2014, as does the interior with the four-person seating, twin-pod dashboard, and center console layout.  The only difference is the addition of a few auxiliary gauges to the dashboard and that's about it.  Not unique enough to stand out from other Mustang's, but at least it has some character on the outside and a movie car status.

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And as an added bonus check out this error version that I found of the 1967 Mustang without paint under the front spoiler:

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