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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Auto World 1958 Plymouth Fury

In a quest to reuse some existing castings Auto World has commissioned models from the defunct higher-end line to come on down to the lower-end line to continue its use.  Such cars include the 1976 Pontiac Firebird, the 1967 Oldsmobile 442, and this 1958 Plymouth Fury.  The original release was made for the movie "Christine" where a 1958 Plymouth Fury in red terrorizes people in its wake.  In that version there was no interior because it was hard-to-see from the blacked-out windows.  Hopefully there was an interior, but until now there was no other version outside of the Christine version.  Now for 2016 it comes in four different colors, and this copper color is the best of them all.

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The Fury was a sub-line below the Belvedere and was sold between 1955 and 1978.  The 1950's versions showed off the best of Virgil Exner's design legacy at Chrysler.  The 1958 version had long rear fins, aggressive front-end with a large grille, and new torsion bar front suspension.  The 350 CID Commando V8 produced 305 horsepower through a two-speed automatic with push-button select shifter to the left of the steering wheel.  Quality control suffered badly for this model, and the name was ironically a perfect fit for Stephen King's 1983 book and movie "Christine"  The Fury name would continue for future full-size Plymouth models until 1978.

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The Copper Glow color with matching interior is a perfect fit for this car and it shows off the sheer beauty of the exterior lines.  The front has quad headlights inside the fenders and floating above the large horizontal grille in gold with a front bumper that rises up at the center to accommidate the front license plate.  Spears on the front-fenders and wrap-around front windshield are typical of cars in this era, with the chrome trim in the roof flowing with the Fury's sloping roofline.  The sides of this long car is accented by long and gold hockey stick trim and silver steel wheels with gold center cap and white wall tires.  At the rear the fins peak out with inside taillights that have comet tails spiking upward.  The trunk slopes down to the Plymouth name, center plate with "58 Fury", and the chrome rear bumper.  Auto World did a great job on the exterior work as it looks fantastic!

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The base shows off plenty of deep details from the frame to the engine, transmission, drivetrain, and suspension layout.  The hood opens up to show the silver engine block with gold valve covers, dual gold air filter housings, and alternator details.  The interior has seating for six in matching exterior color, with detailed seat patterns and door panel ribbing.  The large deep-dish steering wheel sits in front of a large gauge pod with horizontal speedometer and round auxiliary gauges.  The dashboard has the proper layout with detailed trim and radio controls, and even the front and rear dash panels have the detailed front heater and rear speaker details.

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This is one gorgeous casting packed full of details, and makes me (or anyone else) appreciate the 1958 Plymouth Fury more than what they could've thought after seeing the "Christine" film.

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