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Friday, April 7, 2017

Greenlight 1:43 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R R32

There are a lot of GT-R castings out there, and many of these R32's to choose from, but one of the best of the buck, and the entire range of Greenlight 1:43's at the moment, is this 1989 Skyline GT-R R32 from the Fast and Furious movie franchise.

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My past experience with Greenlight 1:43's was a growing one:  The Fast and Furious 1970 Chevelle was pricey and least impressive, but then the Jeep Wrangler 2 and 4-doors changed all of that.  Since then i've been getting a few more with some more coming later in the year.  Despite the growing trend of Greenlight's 1:43 scale line i've tried to keep the collection at a minimum, yet there can be a few impressive models.  The R32 finally brought the GT-R back to life; even though the GT-R name resurfaced on the Skyline models in the 1980's they were just mere sportier models and not the beast like the originals.  With emissions regulations and high fuel prices in the past it was time for Nissan to finally make the GT-R suitable to the name, and the R32 was it when it was released in 1989.  Group A racing was the reason the GT-R nameplate returned in 1989, and the road cars have lots of power and modern technology to boot.  The 2.6L DOHC I-6 now sports twin turbochargers to produce 313 horespower to the rear wheels by a 5-speed manual transmission, but since Nissan was fitting 10 inch wide tires they developed a new all-wheel drive system called ATTESA ET-S to deliver the surge of power to all four wheels.  Despite the added weight of the AWD system this GT-R can keep up with the best exotic cars of the day, and the same layout continued for future GT-R models.

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To start it off this Greenlight casting is dipped in black paint with dark gray 6-spoke wheels though one of the wheels on my example was a lighter shade than the rest.  Look closely to see the detailed brake rotors and calipers that even float over the rotor!  Lets not forget the details to the lug nuts on the wheels and the directional tread pattern on the tires.  Very impressive!  The front has detailed projector headlights with Skyline badge on the hood and a larger lower grille in the bumper where this car is so stock that the front intercooler in silver is just a painted add-on to the bumper.  The sides show off the stock profile with the flared rear fenders and nice touches like the GT-R badges on the front fenders, separate wiper blades, and small exterior mirrors.  The rear has the simple, but effective rear spoiler with two holes in the trunk for some reason, quad round taillights with signal lights in between, Nissan, Skyline, and GT-R badges; and even a tow hook on the rear bumper.

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The base shows off the excellent details of the undercarriage that include the engine and transmission, transfer case, driveshafts, front and rear suspension links, rear differential, vents for the front (behind the lower chin spoiler) and rear (just ahead of the rear axle) brake cooling ducts, and a chrome exhaust tip.  Again its pure stock no custom mods here!  Then again looking inside there are some modifications: The rear seat has been removed and replaced with a detailed floorboard and rollcage.  The front bucket seats are sporty Recaro types with the shifter and handbrake located between the two seats.  The dashboard layout is typical Skyline with central controls and a 3-spoke steering wheel.  Not as impressive as the outside yet still very well detailed.

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This is one very sharp casting for its size and well suited for those who want a well-detailed R32 GT-R but don't have the space for a large-scale model.

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