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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Majorette and Hot Wheels Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Wow, this is a dilemma: Mattel finally cracked the ice with the Diamler license restriction as they have been granted permission to release models of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks.  Since then older castings have returned and newer ones have been created.  When this AMG GT came out it excited a lot of collectors, but in a saturated market where the just-released Majorette version is out it's a hard buy to like the casting as if it was fresh in the marketplace.  So with both in hand it's time to see if Hot Wheels can match, or surpass, the fine details of the Majorette version.

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After success of the SLS AMG the AMG performance brand wanted to try again, this time with smaller car aimed at the Porsche 911.  The AMG GT carries over some of the styling of the SLS, but with more flare and conventional doors.  The front-end styling is now shared with many Mercedes-Benz models and flows well with the rounded rear section.  The interior carries the SLS tradition with a much wider console design.  The engine is now a twin-turbocharged V8 motor that sits in the Vee of the motor and is hooked to a seven-speed automated manual transmission to produce fearless amounts of power and torque.  Since then it has spawn a convertible, a GT R track car, and even a four-door sedan concept car.

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Both cars are yellow and both are AMG GT's, fantastically detailed, yet both have characteristics of their own.  The Majorette goes for a clean look at a larger scale, while the Hot Wheels sits lower with blacked-out (rather gray) wheels over the chrome ones on the Majorette version.  The front of the Majorette has clear headlights, large grille with silver three-pointed star, and lower bumper with black grilles and even a place for an Euro plate.  The Hot Wheels version goes for detailed headlight prints, tampo grille design with AMG badge to the right of the logo, and smaller lower scoops.  Problem here is that Hot Wheels is known to off-shoot the tampo placement during manufacturing so like my tester's sinking left headlight expect miscues to show up.  Both cars have the detailed vents on the hood and front fenders, but while Hot Wheels has clear plastic for the hood ones Majorette went for full tampo treatment for all scoops.  Both cars have exterior mirrors, though the Majorette version looks more real and also it has opening doors.  On the other hand the Hot Wheels version wins for the flush window design.

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At the rear both cars have the rear spoiler flap, badging, and exhaust tips that I had to add detail to, but while the Majorette version goes for low-resolution taillight design Hot Wheels has a much better and crisp taillight design.  On the track both cars perform very well for such exotic cars, the pefect weight distribution and wide stance really helps this car around the track.  The Majorette version has a working suspension and provides a bit of faster cornering than the Hot Wheels version, but otherwise the two act the same.  Same goes for the interior as both cars have seating for two, a spacious cargo area, the wide center console design with buttons on the edges, the famed Mercedes dash design with round air vents, pop-out screen, and three-spoke steering wheels.  Only a slight difference is betwen the two but otherwise they are identical.

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So in the end which is the best?  Well in my preference the Majorette version wins as it has much crisp details than the Hot Wheels version where the sloppy tampo treatment was a big negative for such a fine casting.  So how should have Hot Wheels overcome the Majorette in the first place?  How about doing the AMG GT R track-oriented edition instead of the AMG GT coupe that everyone else has done, or how about an AMG GT convertible?  Both would've been better off for the Hot Wheels brand as it is a saturated market for many fantastic AMG GT replica's.

Update 9/4: To better help distinguish from the Majorette version, Hot Wheels has released their AMG GT in a gorgeous red color that has a bit of orange copper in it.  Also the wheels are now chrome Y-5 wheels.

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