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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Majorette Opel Adam and Audi A1

The biggest news for the United States is the return of the Majorette brand for 2017.  The first release was at TJ Maxx and Marshall/Home Goods stores back in January, and in July will be the first of three releases at Toys-R-Us.  So to prepare for the excitement of the return I have compiled several recent Majorette models from last year to recently to give you a look at how big this news is.  Majorette has always done a nice job with their vehicles from the past (which I have several to review as well later on) to the present, and these reviews will give an idea on how good they are.  First up is the subcompact cars from Opel and Audi.

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Audi A1

The A1 is Audi's smallest cars and for the time being only sold outside of the U.S.  Based on the VW Polo the A1 is the entry point in the Audi brand and one that can help those drivers who are stuck in congested city streets.  The 3-door hatchback is also joined by the 5-door sportback and has typical Audi styling cues from the A4-like front to the Q5 and Q7 SUV-like rear.  Even the interior has that Audi look of sportiness as well despite lack of room in the rear.  All A1's get the same I-4 motors that range from gas to diesel and produce horsepower in the 85-252 range.  Transmissions range from a five or six speed manual to a seven-speed automated manual called DSG.

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Starting off in a blue color with a silver roofline trim that is optional on the A1 this Audi looks nice, if a bit contemporary.  The front has clear headlights that resemble the A4 and A3 with the large black Audi grille and lower bumper scoops and foglights.  The sides show a typical hatchback profile with door-mounted exterior mirrors and 5-spoke wheels.  A note on these Majorette wheels: you'll note that all of the recent car wheels from Majorette have detailed cross-drilled brake rotors behind the rims.  The rear has red taillights similar to the Q7 with a rear spoiler and Audi rings.  The car does look better in racing decals than this stock one that looks a bit plain.  There is a working suspension on almost all Majorette models and while nice the tires tend to rub against the body and right at the edges with a gridded tire pattern to make a grinding noise.  The A1 feels very nible for a small car in the handling tests even though it's not the best nor does it feel like a typical German car.  The interior has seating for four with smaller spaces for the rear seat and cargo areas.  The dashboard has the 3-spoke steering wheel and dual pod Audi gauges, while the center stack has only one A/C vent and a smaller touchscreen control for the radio and controls below for the HVAC system.  The shifter is nestled between the two seats.  While not as exciting as other Audi models, it does fulfill the role as the city car with Audi style.

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Opel Adam

However, more attention is drawn to this unique city car offering from Opel, and like the A1 the Adam was almost considered for the U.S. as a Buick product.  The origin of the name Adam comes from the company's founder, Adam Opel.  The car itself is based on the Opel Corsa subcompact and shares similar styling areas, but where it differs is a smaller length and subtle styling differences not to mention the contrasting roof and body colors.  Even a higher trim level model has a catchy name: Opel Adam Rocks.  Like the A1 the Adam also is offered in racing decals in addition to the stock look, but when it comes to appearance the Adam wins.  The engine is a 1.4L DOHC I-4 that produces 99 horsepower through a five-speed manual transmission.  The interior is even more premium for such a small car, and this car has been a success in Europe to reach younger buyers.

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On this blue with white roof the Adam really shines.  The front has clear headlights with lower foglights and a wide Opel grille that is shared with the Corsa.  The side profile is enhanced side marker lights, door handles, 5-spoke wheels, and the floating C-pillar roofline.  The rear has taillights that wrap the corners of the rather small liftgate with hight liftover, while the bumper has the plate area with reverse lamps.  The one area that the Adam lacks compared to the A1 is opening doors, but the window space is very large and clear so you can see the four-seat layout with a nicely-trimmed dashboard that has a center touchscreen and shifter between the seats, and with two-tone color looks more attractive than the all-black A1 (in the real car, that is).  While I may never see one in the U.S. it is very nice to have such a cool and unique offering from the Opel brand that uses the creator's name to create an eye-catching city car for the youth.

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