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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Revell 1:24 1991 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup custom

Here's one of those castings that I thought never existed until I ran across an auction for one.  Revell is known for making high-quality model kits and some of those kits have made it into highly-detailed diecast models as well.  The 1:64 scale castings, which I have a few of, are the most popular items for collectors now.  They also made 1:18 and 1:24 scale models as well, though most of them are your typical sports car orgin like Ferrari or Corvette, yet somehow this Chevy S-10 managed to be the only truck in the line.

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I do remember Revell offering a two-in-one kit of the 1991 Chevrolet S-10 pickup where you can make the truck either stock or a custom model.  Revell also made a model kit of the 1991 GMC Syclone pickup truck, but none of them were turned into diecast models and finding a decent diecast model of a S-series pickup before 1994 is nearly impossible.  Somehow Revell managed to make this one, a custom version of the S-10 reflecting the custom California car culture and how mini trucks were starting to make the scene.  Despite the lowered ground effects, side graphic in yellow and light blue, custom wheels, and a rollpan instead of a rear bumper this is just a typical stock Chevy S-10 and one that is nicely done.  The front has the new chrome grille that adds a bit of sport to the S-10 and S-10 blazer starting in 1991.  I added details to the orange side marker lights and blue bowtie in the grille, while the lower signal lights and chin spoiler with foglight tampo are all Revell.  The boxy look continues to the sides with excellent details added by lower ground effects and cool chrome torqued wheels with outer bead seal pattern, rubber tires, and a center snap-on latch for each tire (like Majorette).  The rear has the rectangular taillights, smooth tailgate and bumper, and dual-tip exhaust.

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The tailgate opens up to reveal a capable bed area with a mostly plastic inner bedwalls.  So far looks good, then you open the hood to find a surprise:  There lies a detailed 4.3L turbocharged V6 from the GMC Syclone.  Then you step back and as you glance over the ground effects again it dawns on you: this is the Chevy version of the Syclone.  I'm not sure if Revell was initally going to offer the GMC Syclone in 1:24 but lost the license and changed over to a custom Chevy S-10 at the last minute, or was it intentional this way?  Either way this is killer!  I added some detailing to the fluid resovoirs on the outer edges of the engine bay, while the engine is a full 3D design with detailed valve covers, intake with turbocharger cover, drive belt with alternator, fan, and even the chrome air filter tube.  Very nicely done.  Revell continues underneath with more detailing that involves separate parts for the engine, suspension, and exhaust system.  The front has lower A-arms with torsion bars, skid plate, oil pan, transmission pan, and transfer case all from the Syclone.  The rear has detailed driveshaft, exhaust system, rear axle with leaf springs, and a spare tire where vehicle information resides.

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Open the doors and even the interior has that familiar Syclone look.  Bucket seats up front with a center console that houses the Corvette shifter for the 4-speed automatic transmission.  Cupholders ahead of the shifter, hump in the floor for the transmission relief, detailed door panels with crank windows and all the handles and pattern designs, two-spoke steering wheel from the Corvette, gauges in white background, HVAC and radio controls and detailed air vents along the nicely done dashboard lends out to a nicely done interior that could've been either a basic bench seat pickup or a wild and clean custom look.  Here it's perfectly stock.  Also it rolls good and steers good as well, and after cleaning up the truck after years of dust from display the black on the truck looks great.

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What an amazing-looking custom S-10 pickup that has the heart and soul of a Syclone!

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