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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hot Wheels Porsche 934.5

When you're the largest diecast manufacturer in the world and look for ways to come up with new and interesting models each year you look at the off-shoot variations of castings.  The VW Drag Bus has morphed into three different versions, and don't ask about the countless Mustang's, Camaro's, and now Datsun Z cars.  The latest is Porsche and the highly-popular 934 Turbo RSR that was introduced in 2014 is now joined by the Porsche 934.5.

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The 934 Turbo RSR is the street version of the track car for FIA Group 4 rules while the 935 was designed for FIA Group 5 rules.  The 934 was based on the 911 Turbo and included more plastic bodywork on the exterior with flared fenders, latches on the hood, exposed fuel cap, lower chin spoiler with larger grille scoops, and an interior that is stripped of rear seats, carpeting, radio, and HVAC controls all in the name of lightweight.  The 3.0L air-cooled flat-six motor produces 480 horsepower through a 4-speed manual transmission.  The wider rear tires improves grip to the rear that was easy to break loose in the stock 911 Turbo.  For the 935 it uses a more powerful flat-six motor, more aerodynamic fenders with lower headlights mounted in the front bumper, and extended rear fenders and rear spoiler that is called the "whale-tail" look on the 1978 versions.  To bride the gap and increase victories is the 934.5: a blend of 934 with the rear fenders of a 935.  This new design helps improve aerodynamics, rear traction, and cooling for the rear motor even of the help was at minimal.

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Debuting in white with red interior and BBS lace wheels this Hot Wheels 934.5 has the proper look of the incredible Turbo RSR.  The front has headlights that are darker and smaller than the 934, has the hood with external gas cap, and a lower scoops with a chin spoiler that is now part of the base.  On the sides the flared fenders, exterior mirrors, and roof profile still continue and that's when things get awkward.  The rear fenders bulge out in a square fashion with NACA vent ducts ahead of the rear wheels and the arc of the fenders over the rear wheels before ending at a duck tail at the rear.  The rear Turbo wing of the 934 is replaced with a flush engine vent cover that leads to a taller rear spoiler mounted on the ends of the new rear fenders.  Taillights are barely visible thanks to a sloping rear cover that also replaces the stock 911's rear bumper even if it now includes dual tip center exhaust tips.  The chassis underneath has the same layout as the 934 with the detailed lower engine and transmission now with rerouted exhaust system.  The interior has the same two-seat layout as the 934 with dual bucket seats and the flat 911 dashboard with round gauges.  On the track there is no benefits in handling from the 934 with just some more grip to the rear.  It is a nice addition to the Hot Wheels Porsche lineup, but I still think the 934 Turbo RSR looks better.

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