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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Welly 1:43 Peugeot 504 sedan

I like seeing some unique and nicely done European vehicles not often seen on American roads and one example here is this Peugeot 504 sedan in blue.

The 504 was Peugeot's flagship mid-size car revealed in 1968 and in production for two decades.  Offered in sedan, wagon, and coupe this car was robust, sturdy, and had great handling thanks to a torque tube attached to the rear stationary differential.  The styling was interesting with a rear-end that drops down even in sedan form and front-end stylign that would be a Peugeot trademark for three decades.  The brakes had even a light on the dashboard to indicate when it is time to replace them.  The rear-drive powertrains include a 1.8L I-4 that produced 79 horsepower through a 4-speed manual transmission.  These cars can still be found running among many countries around the world showing how reliable these cars have become.

This nice blue sedan starts off with a classic French look that will not be mistaken for anything else but a Peugeot.  The front has large headlights with a canted top part for an aggressive look, signal lights just below, and a chrome eggcrate grille with Peugeot lion badge in gold.  On the sides I added chrome trim detailing to flow with the typical sedan side profile that tapers down into the trunklid.  The steel wheels look rather large for this era-period.  At the back is the canted trunklid with C-shaped taillights and 504 plates in black.  The base underneath shows off the suspensions, transmission, driveshaft, and exhaust system and even enough detail to show the rear fuel tank and spare tire.  The interior has a nice clean looking dashboard that is very European with a chrome trim across the dashboard.  A 4-spoke steering wheel sits ahead of a rectangular gauge cluster, while radio and HVAC controls sit just ahead of the floor shifter.  The front seats have bolstered support, and even the door panels have excellent details, while the rear seat is reduced thanks to the pullback motor.  For more detail Welly offers a 1:24 scale version as well, but this 1:43 pullback motor has just enough charm on its own.

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  1. very nice model !